Jul 15, 2014

Casual meet-up in Cottbus

Hello gals <3

Some weeks ago Kiki, Mao, Hani, Michi and me went to Cottbus to visit Senja.
Senja dyed Kikis hair.
It was like a "Mojito" (subcircle of "UniQue")- Meet-up ^^
Only Goof was missing.... -.-° but Michi replaced her this time XP

Most of us were dressed in a more casual way. I also did a simple make-up without lenses!
I wore light pink coord!
But it was very cold and rainy that day.... hmmm not very nice weather for Cottbus' city festival ^^°
When Senja dyed Kikis hair Mao, Hani, Michi and I went to a café.
eeeeh~ what's up Mao ? XXDDD
Afterwards we all together went shopping XD
Michi and me ~
Kiki and Hani <3
eeh?- same photo different perspective XP

At H&M I tried a maxi dress with resort print!
I really really liked it!!!
So I bought it and I also bought shoes.
I wanted to have such chunky block heeled lace ups for a while... but actueally in white
Well I could have bought those from Vagabond but I didn't like them... and the one's from Chinese ebay sellers were also quite expensive... So I bought these from H&M although they are beige.
(I painted them white afterwards XP)
waiting in front of the changing rooms xP
Afterwards we went into another café^^
food porn XD isn't it???
In the end of the day we decided to have ride with one of the carousels/breakdance... whatever it was called XD Yes it was city festival in Cottbus^^

only Senja, Kiki, Mao and me wanted to do this!
Hani and Michi aren't big fans of carousels in general.
It was so much fun <3 Let's do this again girls ~ <3
I hope we can meet as often as possible ~ love youuuu <3 <3 <3

bye bye <3


Nagareboshi said...

Cute outfits! Looks like you had fun. ^^


Miuko said...

Your outfit looks great *___*

Lau said...

thank you ^^ yeah~ we had a lot of fun ^o^

Lau said...

thank you very much <3

mistymysterious said...

Die Schuhe und das Kleid sind echt klasse. <3<3<3