Jul 24, 2014

Random things..shopping, waving iron, outfit

Hello everybody ^^

Finally it's semesterbreak for me ^^ All my exams are done (hope I passed all of them >.<) and I can catch up with all my photos and things that I did during the last weeks (beside learing and practising CAD program...).

I start with my newest electronic hair styling tool:

"BaByliss PRO Triple Barrel Waver"
I've wanted such a waving iron for such a long time!!!
I know I can create similar waves through braiding my hair and let them dry off.... but with the waver you can do the waves from the roots of your hair. No strange flat parts at the parting of your hair anymore ^o^

directly after waving my hair
After some houres in the evening when I  met with friends for drinking cocktails^^
The device is kind of pricy... (around 50€... depending on where you're buying it...) but I had a voucher so I didn't have to pay the full prize ^^ *lucky*
With my full and long hair it takes around 1 hour to get my hair wavy -.-°... but it's worth it!
The waves are really big and they last long and you get your hairline in waves, too!

That was the complete coord of the evening ^o^

Well I also went shopping to give variety to my learnig ^^°
I bought these two cropped tops at H&M:
a simple white one (ok... with a silly slogan but so what? ^^°)
and this neon yellow one^^
ouuuuh~ and I was really thinking about buying this set... but I don't need it... so NOPE
This was my complete haul if the day:
the highwaisted denim shorts are from Pimkie and the shoes are from Deichmann
The shoes are exactly what I wanted!!! White platform wedge sandals with wide straps! But wait: The straps were beige.... >.<°.... whyyyy???
But you know, as a cosplayer I'm able to change every shoe colour with the correct tools XD

So I changed the sandals (and the chunky block heeled lace ups) with textile colour and leather dye!!!
Tadaaaan~ now they're both white <3 <3 <3

Well that's all for today ^^ I don't wanna put too much photos in one post! So be prepared for the next one ^o^
bye bye~ chu <3


Anonymous said...

you always look so perfect x_x it's like making great outfits just comes really naturally to you

mistymysterious said...

Ich find's toll, dass du diese kurzen Shirts/Tops tragen kannst.
Deine Haare sehen schick aus - ich mag den pink/blauen Pony. <3
Auf die Schuhe hatte ich auch schon ein Auge geworden (lach).

Fienna said...

Deine Haare sehen echt super aus! <3 Habe auch schon überlegt, mir so ein Gerät zu kaufen.. vielleicht lohnt es sich ja wirklich! ^-^

Nagareboshi said...

Coole Outfits mal wieder, und ich finde deine Haare super! ^^