Jul 27, 2014

Soccer world championship final and pink cowgirl outfit

Hello everybody ^^
it's me again as I promised <3

2 weeks ago I met with my friends for watching the final of the soccer world championship in a bar!
... well I'm actually not interested in this championship and in soccer in general but... GERMANY WAS IN THE FINAL XD (and won ~ yehaaaa~)
So of course I agreed watching it! (... The true reason for me was to see my friends... ^^°)

my styling
As a true fan ..*harrumph* you have to wear something in black-red-gold (german flag)...
I tried to integrate the black-red-gold into my coord~
luckily I had flower hair pins in every colour~
my complete coord~
maxi dress - H&M
cardigan - New Yorker
shoes - Deichmann

When I went to the train station by bike in the evening I got caught off the rain -.-°... I had a rain protecting cape but my hair got wet nevertheless ...
wet... hmmmm~ thank god it was warm!
With Kiki, Senja and Mao <3
... and Kukki ^^°... sorry why do I always take photos of you while eating??? XD
Hmmmm the match itself was boring for me... I can't stand watching full soccer matches... then I played around with my smartphone, then it ran out of battery ....
But the end was really exciting ^^
yeah~ food XD
Yeah~ Germany won!!!! We're world champion XD Everybody was so happy and relieved!
Next issue ^^°:

Last weekend we celebrated my mom's birthday ^^
We went to a restaurant and then went to eat icecream... but I don't wanna bore you with family photos^^°
But this was my outfit:
the pink colour in my hair is of course ~hair chalk~
I wanted to create an eye make-up that looks more like I did my eye meke-up some time ago. It's really all about the lashes I'm using. I created a droopy shape and used "Eyemazing No. 4" as upper lashes! Feels nostalgic!
It's like the look I did 1 1/2 years ago...
I still like the look! I should do heavy looks more often^^°
my mom called me "Pink Cowgirl" hm why not ? XD
back view of the dress (most often unseen ^^°)

 Kaiserschmarn~ yummie ^^
my niece Nadine and me <3
on the way ^^
bye bye~ chu <3


N☆WAKI said...

you look adorable <3
May I ask where you buy your hair chalk?


Jenny ♥ said...

you look awesome ;_; <333 I love your hair with the hair chalk. Awesome.

Lau said...

My first package was directly from Japan ... my friend bought it there for me... from "Donki" (Don Quichote) but I ordered a new one for around 2 € on ebay from a Chinese seller.
Bye ♡

Lau said...

Thank you sooo much♡