Jul 22, 2014

Okonomiyaki in Berlin / sweet outfit

Hello everybody ^^

Some time ago Hani, Mao, Kiki, Goof and me went to a new Japanese restaurant in Berlin.
It's called "Hanage" and it's speciality is "Okonomiyaki"!

It was the day after our sweet gyaru shooting. So I decided for another sweet coord. But I also put in some sporty and some 50's elements.
shoes and socks are sporty
hairstyle is 50's/pin-up...(whatever I should call it) inspired
blouse - Liz Lisa
skirt - Ank Rouge
cardigan - Missi London
socks - Co&Lu
shoes - Deichmann
hairbow - H&M

here you can see my make up~ uuh it looks as if I stare and wanna hypnotisise somebody XP
 Well "Hanage" is a really small restaurant. And I guess you should reserve a table or come early! We came early just after it opened at 12am.
my okonomiyaki <3
It's the only place to get okonomiyake in Berlin as far as I know!
Okonomiyaki is like a pancake on the basis of cabbage. You can chose between some more ingredience like fish, meat....
The range to choose from was not huge but the taste was soooo good!!!! I really liked it!!!!
I just ate okonoiyaki once before in Japan. But I couldn't remeber that it was soooo delicious *o*

Check out the blog kissing loving living for more detailed informations about the restaurant!

Hani and Kiki sitting in the restaurant
Hani, Kiki and Mao afterwards in another café ^o^
bye bye ~ chu <3


Nagareboshi said...

Siehst mal wieder super aus! ^^


Fienna said...

Ohh wie toll <3 Okonomiyaki!!
Dein Outfit ist superschön ^-^

Lau said...

dankeschööön ^^

Lau said...

jaaa Okonomiyaki <3 <3 <3
vielen lieben Dank für den Kommi ^^

mistymysterious said...

Die weiße LizLisa Bluse ist echt toll und dein Gesamtoutfit gefällt mir auch sehr. <3
Danke für die Verlinkung ;)