Jul 12, 2014

Sweet Gyaru Shooting- behind the scenes

Hello Gals ^^
Some time ago some friends and I had the idea to start theme shootings to show all the different Gyaru styles that are/were existing.

We decided to publish it in the context of "Mojito" the sub-circle of "UniQue".
Because for the first time it was just Hani, Kiki and me!

The first theme was Sweet Gyaru (aka Roma Gyaru, Hime-kaji...).
You can find the comlete shooting and background informations about the style on Mojito's blog!

Here you can see my bed covert with different clothes when I was putting together the coords.
Uuuh~ I had so many ideas. We wanted some brand outfits and some more or less offbrand outfits to show you that it's possible to combine both!

We met at the "Feuerwache" a youth club where JK/FM always took place. So we had a giant room with mirrors for styling!
It's the same place where Hani's and Mao's dance group practises!

I came with huge luggage XD I prepared three Outfits for Hani and three outfits for myself. Kiki wore her own clothes!
So Hani started doing Kikis hair ^^
finished ^o^
our first outfits~
I went for a more heavy droopy eye-make for the first outfit
I won't show you the shooting photos... you can see them on Mojito's blog remember? XP
My first outfit was a Liz Lisa coord. So very typical of Sweet Gyaru!
Kiki showed that a casual denim jacket or preppy glasses also can be put into a Sweet Gyaru coord!

After the first round we changed our looks!
.....my chaos ...^^°
My second outfit was a sweet casual mix! 
Light denim, pink gingham check, platform chucks and a bandana!
I also did another my eye make and changed the lower lashes!
Kikis coord
For a little bit of variety I was using a wig for my last outfit. Dark hair is seen very often with sweet styles. Especially in current looks.

Here is a small summary of the outfits~

bye bye ~ chu <3


Abbie said...

I love your style and make so much! As a gyaru you constantly inspire me! You're so awesome!

Jenny ♥ said...

awesome idea! I love the pictures~