Dec 26, 2011

Christmas 2011

Hello everybody ^v^
I'll show you some pictues of this year's Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!
I celebrated Christmas very traditional with my famaily at my parents home.
me and my niece Nadine
my parents with my niece Mareike
My styling!
first I wanted to take the big hair bow... but it would have covered my teased hair
then I decided for the small bow

My niece Mareike got the best present at all!!! A light kaleidoskope! And everyone wanted to have a look through it, exept Mareike ^.^°
It's really beautiful *____* ♥
Nadine looking through the kaleidoskope
a variety of photos that I took, looking through the kaleidoscope
me and the kaleidoscope
This is what I got! Money (I don't show you the money because everyone knows how it looks like ^o^) white fur legwarmers, cosmetics and sweets.
the legwarmers ♥ ♥ ♥ (I really wanted them ♥)
Fake lashes, brown eyeshadow, a pink  pencil holder and two nail polishes (they're called "Magnetics- mystic wish" and Vampire's Love- Old Buffy" from essence
In the evening I watched my favorite film at Christmas: "Drei Haselnüsse für Aschenbrödel"
love the film ♥

The next day we had turkey, red cabbage, Brussels sprout and dumplings *yummy* ...but I forgot to take photos...
This was my styling

While the family was paying cards, my niece Nadine and me we were watching a DVD. Every Christmas we watch a Johnny Depp/ Tim Burton - Movie ^.^ This year we decidet for "Sleepy Hollow"

my outfit at the 26th
At the 26th of December nothing happended. I was at home and was sewing a dress for univerity.
Bye bye (^v^)v

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