Dec 6, 2011

♥ Outfits of the week ♥

Last week, I took photos of each outfit each day! I could never do this every stressful to think of it and remember taking photos (-.-)
But last week I mangaged to document my range of different styles and outfits (^v^)
Most often I went to university and so my styling was not that spectacular... especially my make-up... very common! 
But take a look yourself!

hat: Tudtuu
turtelneck pullover : C&A
polka dotted dress: H&M (but I sewed the collar myself!)
socks with frills: Tally Weijl
belt: off brand

turtleneck pullover: C&A
tartan long-blouse: Collosseum
waistcoat: New Yorker
hotpants: Melrose
tights: I've too many black tights. don't know where I bought
shoes + fur: Deichmann

 hair bow: Tudtuu
baenie: H&M
blouse: off brand
bow: H&M
lace pullover: H&M
skirt: Kinji - used clothing
shoes + fur: Deichmann

 headband with bow: H&M
scarf: off brand
long pullover: H&M
treggins: C&A
shoes + fur: Deichmann
chains: H&M

 oversized blouse: H&M
leopard print T-shirt: H&M
trousers: selfmade
tights: H&M
shoes: Deichmann
hair bow: Tudtuu
chain: H&M
 fur-cap: C&A
leopard print onepiece: H&M
cardigan: H&M
legwarmers: H&M

And I also took a photo of today's styling. I tryed out different versions with that woolen cardigan. In the evening I took the photo with the winter jacket I wore outside.
                       lace blouse: H&M
                  basic pullover: Tally Weijl
                       hotpants: Melrose
                       legwarmers: Jumex
                       belt: second hand
                       wool cardigan: H&M
                       hair bow: selfmade
                fur winter jacket: Woodpecker

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