Dec 24, 2011

Christmas prererations on the 23rd

Hello everybody  ♥
On  the 23th of December I did the very last preperations for chistmas (concerning presents) ^o^
I'll show you what I did!
I went to the turkish market (Maybachufer - Berlin) and bought fabric. But it was raining an I couldn't take any photo.
Later at home I decorated the christmas tree (^v^) It's only one colour this year: silver
Afterwards I started to wrap all my presents. I'll show you the cutest selfmade presents for my family!
my lovely pink floral and Hello Kitty wrapping paper ♥ (not very christmas-like ^.^°)

all together
hairband and hairslide for my sister Dani
headband and hairslide for my sister Katja
earmuffs, scunchy and hairbow for my niece Nadine
pink panda hand puppet for my niece Mareike
That's the way I wrapped it! With a paperbox-imitation to built up the shape.
It's done (♥___♥)

My outfit!           

Now everything is prepared ( the presents for my friends too ^o^ ..but I can't show them now because maybe they'll watch this blog before they get them!)
Nothing could be better this moment and I'm toally happy with the world. I'ts christmas!!!

.....but one thing could be better, I think..... I wish for a christmas date .... like this
...but this is just a dream...

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