Dec 21, 2011

Last weekend and fake lashes for the lower eyelid

Hello everybody (^.^)
Christmal is near and I still don't have all of my presents. But I don't buy them! I sew and do handicrafts. It's more personal and often less expensive. But it's more work to do (^_^)°  I do this for already 3 years and everybody likes it!
But my best friedn Kiki had to buy presents on last weekend so we went to the shopping center "Eastgate".
It was overcrowded with people!!!! What a surprise...I mean it's christmas time!

Kiki bought lots of warm winter clothes for herself ouuuups (^o^)° and only some presents. I found  something for the present of my mum and bought some bargains for myself!
Something I really wanted to have for some time. An overzised white knitted pullover that I can wear as a dress. ♥
2 pairs of overknees
In between we had to take several breaks at the café. It was really stressful -.-

But we also had a lot of fun (^v^) I tryed a short cream-coloured plushy jacket at Tally Weijl. But it looked like I'd be a rich russian woman called Ivanka or Anjuschka XXDDD
I fell in love with all the fake glaces at Claire's
picture of the day XD
I decorated this photo at Which photo is the best ?

By the way: It was the first time I used fake lashes for the lower eyelid! It took some time but it worked and I LO♥E it (*____*)
I used old cheap lashes (which actually were for the upper eyelid) and cut them that I could use them very well.

This was my outfit (all H&M and the rest handmade or offbrand)

On sunday I went back home and *_____* my sister and my two nieces were there and I took a look at the small christmas market of Friedrichshagen . Very tiny but nice for that small part of Berlin!

My nieces Nadine and  Mareike.                                                        Me and Nadine.

Finally I think I like this version of my selfmade puri most ♥ Bye bye

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