Dec 4, 2011

First entry

my hairstyle
This is the first post of my life and I'm toally nervous *blush*
You must excuse my little mistakes and my lack of knowledge somehow...
But I'll try my best (^o^)

This weekend my best friend Kiki and me, we met up to go shopping and to drink Chai Tea (no not Bubble Tea!!!) , to search for outfits in my new magazine (popteen) , to chat about Golden Bomber and finally to meet up with another good friend at a cocktail lounge ♥ 
So you see, nothing spectacular! Things we do very often at the weekend (^v^) but It's always fun!!!

blouse (off brand), bow (H&M), cardigan (H&M), pants (H&M), tights (C&A), overknees(Tally Weijl), fur at shoes(Deichmann)
t my outfit ( I changed the cardigan)

First we went to "COFFEE FELLWOS" to drink a Vanilla Chai (Kiki) and a Chocolate Chai (me). Kiki even ate a delicious salmon bagle 

 Shopping at Tally Weijl ! I really want to have such a white oversized knitted pullover! But it didn't fit me -.-

I bought that high-waist dress at Tally  

 Changing room at H&M. I tryed out my new outfit and Kiki had to try thar hat ^o^ She didn't like it but I think it fits her perfectly!  

I bought those super plushy pink legwarmers and the stockings trimmed with fur at Jumex. A great store for gyaru fashion ♥___

 At 8.30 pm we met with Sarah (aka Kura/Fluff) at the cocktail lounge ZAZA (you can also eat sushi and other asian food there!)

we ordert mojitos just because of Golden bomber's new song *___*

You have to try out that tasty mojito   And try out Golden Bomber's new song :"YOWASETE MOJ

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