Dec 29, 2011

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Hello everybody ^o^
Christmas is over and New Year's Eve already foreshadows!
The last two days after christmas I was very busy with university-stuff and with sewing a Cosplay Jacket

This is for univerity. It's about contrapposto and complementary contrast.

this is my favorite: it's about balance position and cold-warm contrast
By the way: I'm  not a fashion design student but a sudent of clothing technology! I really hope to survive the first exams in February >___< That design, style and sewing stuff really is o.k. but I'm very nervous about chemistry, math, technics, engineering and so on....

the jacket I sewed

It's for me for the next small convention in February. Take a look at that guy... Kiriha Aonuma from Digimon Xros Wars... I gonna look so silly ... probably >___<

Today in the evening I'll go by train to the Ruhr area. I gonna celebrate New Year's Eve with my best friends in Gladbeck (near Essen). A photo of last year's party! Do you remember?
the god and the evil Laura XP
And on the 30th of December we wanna go to Düsseldorf and make puricura and buy japanese magazines and japanese food and so on! I'm really looking forward to it. I hope all the shops are still open short before New Year's Eve >.<'

All the best wishes for you and happy New Year for all of you. See you next year!

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