Dec 9, 2011

Cosplay, Sho and puricura ♥

Hello again (^o^)
This week was rather boring... beside univerity nothing happened!
But I had time to sew a new cosplay for my best friend Kiki.
Actually cosplay has nothing to do with fashion but it's part of japnese culture somehow! That's why I put in in the blog!

And it could be also some (hime)-gyaru ensemble, don't you think? (^v^)
But it's for Digimon Xros Wars (Nene)

 This was my today's university outfit. Not directly gal or something but a slight touch of schoolgirl and ko-gal mixt up with my beloved tamiya-shirt (^.^) ...Sorry I'm a bad copycat *gomen*
daisuki Sho ♥ (Golden Bomber)

And I found an interesting webside where you can decorate your photos like puricura ♥ 
I'm from Berlin and the next puricura mashine is sooo far away...Düsseldorf....  hope to be there soon!!!
But first I have to be satisfied with selfmade puris!
Just one of my experiments!

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