Dec 16, 2011

Rainy days and poupeegirl ♥

Hello everybody (^.^)
Last week I was rather busy with university and above all things with chemistry.... so annoying (-.-). In addition weather was horrible and that's no no good condition for dressing up pretty or doing any activities that could be inteseting for you ^.^°

But I'll do my best to show you some news!

First of all, yesterday I really felt like joining "POUPEEGIRL" So I did !
That webside was never interesting enough for me 'cause what you do there is not realy usefull ...I thought
But it's fun (^__^) ♥ Everything looks so cute and adorable. Let's see whether I can continue to do something there.
I'm just a beginner and didn't check out everything and didn't get all the thingst you can do there but this is my start:

This week I used some of my new items and garments I bought last weekend.
Here are some photos of my outfits. 
my fake fur collar
my new pleatet skirt

Today it rained all day long and my shoes got completely wet. I got a swimming pool in my shoes but I still had to take these photos because I felt so comfortable in my clothes (^.^) I wore that skirt again and my beloved winter trench coat. By the way: it's a pair of tights and no overknees >_<

I also bought my first liquid eyliner! I only used an eyliner pen  before..... 
I'ts just a very cheap one because I have to practise the handling. but it works very well (^.^) Within the last days I got used to it and it's even better than the pen. It doesn't blur that much. I'm abolutely satisfied^^
Rival de Loop Young Liquid Eyeliner (no fake lashes)

And last but not least I was wondering why I do that blog in fuckin' english??? (^_^)° I could have made it in german.... 
Because everyone is able to understand this? Because of the worldwide globalisation?
...NO , that's why : english is kakkoi  XP "Kakoii na Eigotto"
just a random video and a great song ♥ Don't take it to serious!!!

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