Feb 1, 2012

...again and again and again: Shopping

Hello everyone (^o^)
Last saturday I made a short break in between my learning period and met Kiki in the afternoon at "COFFEE FELLOWS". So I pimped myself up.
Make-up! I look so sleepy on this photo o.O

my outfit:
bow neck blouse: H&M
jumper: H&M
pleated skirt: Tally Weijl
leopard tights: NKD
legwarmers: H&M
bow (hair): selfmade
bow (around my wrist): tudtuu
 I tryed out a new hair styling method with an old hair piece that my sister gave me ...maybe one year ago! I couldn't remember this and found it per coincidence >.< It's no real human hair and my sister used it very often so it's not in best quality anymore. In addition it's not my correct hair colour... but it worked nevertheless ^o^

How do you like it? Along the way I was called "blonde Amy Winehouse" I dont like that comparison Q___Q°~ *buhuu~*     

first I had a white hot chocolate and a doughnut
Kiki was doing her favorite photo pose ^o^. "Valerie Denzer" Do you know Valerie Denzer? It's a fictive character of the german comedian Mirja Boes.

And it's so stupid and so trashy that we always laught about *lol* she's like a cult figure to us XD

But whatever..... Kiki looked amazing ^o^ She put on her lashes herself! She was so proud! And she was looking very lovely! Didn't she?
She bought that black hat! It suits her so much!
At H&M  I took lots of garments with me in the changing room that loked weird, trashy and bad-taste enough for a 80th/90th revival outfit. Denim everywhere, bold colours and white trainers XD... but actually it was looking way good o.O Especially the pants are super cool ^o^ I wouldn't have expected this *lol*
I actually bought a black fur stole for just 5 €

I didn't want to splurge money... I often did this the last weekends... but I found my dream shoes at Tally Weijl Q_____Q 29,95€ which is quite inexpensive for such shoes...so I couldn't resist ^v^°~
♥ lace up platform wedges with leopard pattern
In the evening Kiki ate some Chinese food... I don't know what it was, bamigoreng, chop suey, Ente kross...whatever ^^' I dont like Chinese food so much... always so spicey and hot .... By the way: this is another favourite pose XD posing in front of food with a peace-sign is usually Yutakas (Golden Bomber) habit ^o^
bye bye + chu~

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