Aug 16, 2012

Day 3 - blah...Kyoto again^^°

Hello everybody ^^°
I'm so sorry for not blogging for 3 days. But I knew that I could not manage to blog every day from Japan ^^°.....
Actually I disturb Kikis and Michis sleep when blogging so late.....

Now I will shortly tell you about our third day! (already 3 days ago XP)

Michi was on her guided Kyoto tour and Kiki and I had free time to do what we want....soooooo we went shopping in Kyoto again.
We found the way to the passages on our own without Michis help ^o^

in our breakfast café
By the way: I want to show you my new nails. No... they are not from Japan... I had an appointment already in Berlin.

simple and a nice length to handle, white flowers match every outfit
On the way we made a brief stop at an ashtray. This is very important for Kiki as here in Japan it's not allowed to smoke in the streets wherever you want! And in some towns ashtrays and smoking areas are rare!

Soooo many people are wearing those rubber slippers (crocks alike) here in Japan....^^° this is a complete shop for the different styles and colours and accessories for these shoes ^.^°

Actually Kiki wanted to buy lashes and brown shoes and a brown bag and.........
in the end of the day I was the only one who bought something.... -.-°

a simple but cute blouse at the same shop where I bought the platform chucks the day before
nail polish and a lashes case at a 100Yen-Shop ^o^
The day was really relaxing an we had a lot of breaks to eat and drink something.

~haha pidgeons like at home in Berlin *lol*

I defenetly wanted to take purikuras that day!!!!!
But neither Kiki nor Michi are puri fans....... so I had to do them alone ^^°

my first puris in Japan
In the evening when Michi came back from her tour I noticed that the "International Gyaru Meet Up" would be the next day in Tokyo.... I really thought it would be impossible to go there because we were not even in Tokyo (Kyoto is far away...) and Kiki defenetly did not want to go there... and actually alone I'm too shy Q_____Q

But Kiki and Michi convinced me to take the chance and go to Tokyo the next day.
They were searching for the Shinkansen I could take and were soooo cute <3 <3 <3
Thank you so much <3

So the next day I took the Shinkansen and went alone to Shibuya (Tokyo) to meet a lot of Gaijin gyarus ^o^ I was soooo nervous >.<°

I will tell you what happened in my next post ^o^
bye bye gals ~chu <3

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Kirschu said...

Ich bin ganz neugierig wie das Treffen war!
Kanns kaum abwarten. Ich finds super das du blogst, ich schau sogar jeden Tag nach x3
Das Oberteil ist süß~ <3