Sep 2, 2012

Day 7 - Nagoya castle

Hello everybody ^^
it's me again ^^°..... sorry that I stopped posting directly from Japan but I didn't feel like I stopped and start continuing now^o^

I'm back home in Berlin Q____Q for 3 days......But I hope posting about these 3 weeke brings back the memory more lively ^^

my outfit for Nagoya castle...
using eyemazing No. 004 lashes ^o^ (I bought the day before)
We went to nagoya castle with subway and....OMG it was so damn hot that day...>__<°
nearly unbearable...

do you see my enthusiasm? ....joke...I was just loking forward to the air condition inside the castle ^^°
The castle consists of different towers and gates and the main building is the Hommaru Palace which was built in 1610.
The castle was destroyed in World War II and was rebuilt in the 1950th and completely finished in 2009.

Hommaru Palace...very impressive
eeeeh....whatever XP

inside the castle where the different 7 floors equipped with topical structured exhibitions
tourist attraction and symbol of Nagoya castle: the Kinshachi (dolphin like imaginary animal)
view over Nagoya from the top level of the tower
Michi, me and Kiki XD
Afterwards we went into another area of Nagoya... and directly ran into the Nagoya Pokémon Center ~haha
Like last year! We don't have to search for the Pokémon Centers... THEY FIND US!!!!

And we found a Shonen Jump shop ^o^ So I decided to buy some souveniers for a friend

stuff of SKET DANCE and Gintama (it's for you Sato-chan <3)
on the top of the shopping center a water basin was like floating
the best refreshment of the day: my strawberry kakigori <3
 Now I try to post very often and fast to report on our experiences from Japan 2012!!!!
bye bye~ chu<3

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Jenny ♥ said...

great pics and I love your outfit *_*
Look forward to more!