Jan 13, 2013

Düsseldorf and New Year's Eve

Hello everybody ^^

Although it's nearly 2 weeks ago, I will show you my New Year's ^^°

It was kind of special because we spent the day in Düsseldorf and just went back to Michis place in the evening. So it did not feel like New Year's Eve the whole day until the evening ^^°

We had to stand up very early in the morning (6am) because it takes some time to go to Düsseldorf and the shops were just opened until 2pm.

We were all soooo sleepy -.- But Kiki, Kirschu and I managed to dress up and do our makeup and desired hairstyles, whereas Michi and Sato were preparing our breakfast to go ^o^
I even handled to do Satos hair ^^° 
Nice work, girls!!! ~haha

my outfit
We were absolutely on time and even reached Düsseldorf before the shops opened^^° So we had time for a second (real) breakfast at Burger King ~ haha

Sato and me with our delicious but actually WRONG milkshakes ^^°
Kirschu wanted a special dress fom the brand "Smashed Lemon" so we went to KULT. But she got the dress not in her desired colour ...

waiting in front of the changing rooms for Kirschu
Afterwards we went through all kind of shops... I just bought a super bargain at H&M! This cute furry collar for 1€ ^o^

this is a door with a complete mirror front *o*
waiting for Michi and Kirschu who were at Orsay...
Then we went to "Takagi book store" and to "Bakery my heart" which was closed -.-° and to "Waraku" (onigiri) which was closed Q____Q.... and to a Japanese supermarket and finally to "OCS Japan store"  ^o^

I bought the latest issue of "Ranzuki" and "Men's Egg"

And of course we made Purikura <3 <3 <3

haha~ the decoration corner was occupied... by a child XP
decorating (without the child XD)
further camwhoring in the purikura photo booth ^^°

After OCS we went to "TenTen coffee" and I had a suuuper delicious Macha Latte (even better than the one Michi has at home ^^)

which hand belongs to whom??? ~haha
 Sato bought two issues of the "Weekly Shonen Jump"

we both loooooove "Sket Dance" sooooo much XD
 Oh, I completely forgot to tell you what Kirschu gave us as presents. She's soooo cute *o* Thank you cuteeeeee <3
Selfmade necklaces with our favourite member of Golden Bomber <3

Kiki got Yutaka
Michi got Kenji
I got Shou <3 <3 <3
And Kirschu herself has Jun ^^ (but I don't have a photo -.-°)

When we went back to Michis home we relaxed and watched "Dinner for one" and ate and sang and danced and.... just had fun~ haha

Michi made a kind of a japanese stew (I forgot the name^^°)
And after the countdown we went doing fireworks on the street for one hour ^^ All the photos are....nothing.... -.-° But we really had lovely fireworks this year! Sato and Kiki were our Gandalfs and fired them ^o^

bye bye ~ chu <3


♥~♪~__J a c k y__~♪~♥ said...

Sieht nach einem richtig tollen Tag aus ^~^ Und du siehst wahnsinnig toll aus *O* Deine Haare sind so schön flauschig :3 Hoffe du hattest auch nach diesem tollen Silvester noch eine schöne Zeit :3

Lau said...

dankeschöööööön <3
nach Silvester ging die Uni wieder los ^^°nicht so schön... aber schöne Zeiten wird es hoffentlich noch öfter geben ^^