Jan 21, 2013

Outfit post

Hello everybody ^o^

Right now my exams are coming closer...(like every semester) and I don't have much time for blogging Q___Q I'm super sorry...

But today I wanna show you some of my casual outfits that  I wore during the last two weeks.

fashion point: black&white cross + leopard
fashion point: light pink and pastels
fashion point: Ma*rs dress
same outfit but with jacket...
fashion point: elegant and figure-hugging (but I don't think the shape suits me...)
fashion point: knit onepiece waisted with ribbon belt
fashion point: Liz Lisa skirt + brown
fashion point: yellow leopard cardy (that looks a lot like one of Glad News sweaters)
fashion point: royal blue
fashion point: cute rokku
fashion point: high waisted shorts

Well not extraordinary special...^^° And I don't want to scare you with close-ups of my everyday makeups ~ haha... so finally that's all for today!
bye bye ~ chu <3


Jallou said...

Ziehst du eigentlich mal was zwei mal an? XD

Lau said...

ja, ziemlich oft! Nur in etwas abgewandelter Kombination XD
Genau das gleiche Outfit mit exakt den gleichen Sachen vermeide ich!!! Und vor allem nicht direkt hintereinander ^^°