Jan 24, 2013

some weekends before ^^°

Hello everybody!
Yeah, I have some photos of two weekends which I didn't post until now ^^°

And I wanna share them with you!
Three weeks ago was the birthday of my niece. I don't have photos of it. Only my outfit!

elegant look
I ripped off the idea of this hairstyle from my friend Kirschu who had it New Year's Eve ^^°

Another weekend I met with Kiki and Kura (Sarah, Fluff...). I guess I'm the only one who still calls her "Kura"~ haha ^^°

my outfit
my eye makeup
and my beloved simple cap
But the highlight was Kikis outfit ^o^
Full Ma*rs coord! Coat, skirt and stockings!

and watch out for Kikis lovely curls <3

 We went to Neo Tokyo and guess what...?
I bought magazines ^^° Can't resist ...... I bought Egg and Popteen January issues.
And this Egg issue is really gorgeous!!!(Although I don't like the cover so much ^^°)

We waited for Kura at a small café next to Neo Tokyo. I like the seats next to the big front window. You can watch the crossing and feel at least a little bit like in Japan^^°

 We were browsing through my Men's Egg issue!
And Kiki agrees: In Nagoya there aren't any good looking men!!! (concerning the Men's Egg^^°)

When Kura arrived we went eating at "Good Morning Vietnam"...I didn't take photos there.
Afterwards we went into the Alexa (shopping center) to take a seat at "Starbucks".

I bought a Tapioca Milktea already before at BoboQ! 
I missed it so much Q_____Q Tapioca Milktea - and I'm in heaven <3 ~haha
...like always....(smartphones everywhere)  ~haha
creepy perspective ^^°....
We decided to make a little Singstar evening~ yeah <3

my reserves fo the evening ~haha
It was a super nice day and evening <3 Thank you girls ^o^
bye bye ~ chu <3


Victoria said...

Ahw .. ich vermisse euch, wenn ich deine 'alten' neuen Photos sehe Q///Q
Ich hab eindeutig Berlin Entzug xD
Wenn nur der Stress mit den tausend Abgaben nicht wäre Q_Q
Bei dem Close-up sieht man gut die Linsen, hast du auch original so helle Augen also Blau-Grau? Ich würd am liebsten welche haben, die das ganze Blau abdecken, dass ich braune Augen habe Q^Q

However~ dir noch ne Schicke Restwoche <3


Lau said...

jaaaa, vermiss dich auch!!!
Uni Stress... wem sagst du das.... Protokolle noch und nöcher, Kolloquium und Prüfungslernen -.-° mich macht das auch fertig!
Ich hab grün-graue Augen, ja ziemlich hell... aber wenn man helle Augen hat, bleibt ein kleiner Rest im Auge immer sichtbar...
Es gibt ja keine Linsen, die bis zur Pupille farbig sind! Das würde die Sicht stören!
bye bye ^o^

Rukipe said...

ahh you look always so pretty and fashionable! I still like your eye make so much ;^;
I don't really like the egg cover too...I like her as a model and she's kinda cute but the picture...is just NOT VERY PRETTY at all! xD

Lau said...

thank youuu ^^
haha~ and I toally agree with you concerning the Eggcover~ haha