Jan 10, 2013

Shopping in Essen (29th of Dec.)

Hello everybody ^o^

Now it's almost time to show you what I did the days around New Year's Eve. I spent the days at Michis place in Gladbeck.

On the 28th in the evening I took the ICE. That was my outfit!

On the way I just took that silly photo ^^°
When I arrived at Gladbeck, I had to walk through the rain to Michis home -.-° No bus service after 11pm... and Michi was on a concert -.-° Luckily I know the way through Gladbeck ^o^

Kirschu already arrived before I did and the next morning Sato came, too <3
Together we went to Essen to have some shopping and await Kikis train in the evening!

my outfit
ready !
I really like Essen for shopping.
They have a wider range of different shops in one big shopping area than we have in Berlin. Especially Primark, Gina Trikot and all the other well known shops in one shopping area. In Berlin you have to go criss-cross through the town....

At Primark it was crowded as always -.-° But at Gina Trikot it was very relaxed. Michi and I bought some garments ^o^

knitted, fluffy, wide bolero
difficult to take a photo of ^^°
pleated, pleather skirt
wanted such a skirt since spring or summer but never bought it... until now ^o^
Furthermore I bought a cheap glitter eyeshadow palette in a small shop!

After srolling through the shopping city we ended at the Limbecker Platz shopping center.
Kirschu and I still had vouchers with 25% discount for Tally Weijl which were only lasting for 2012 ^^° So we had to use them ^o^

cardigan with fake fur and this ribbon belt
cute dotted fur  around the neckline ^o^
wide waist belt with chiffon bow
these tights for me
... and this strawberry beanie for Kiki ^^
Don't you think this bag looks a lot like Liz Lisa? I didn't buy it but it was on sale at Tally Weijl.

shopping break to eat something ^^
cute Kirschu and me ^^
another break ^^° shopping can be so hard ~ haha
 cute Kitty glasses <3
Sato and me ^^
small makeup refreshing ~ haha
Kirschus new nails <3 simple but cute ^o^
After shopping we went to Essen mainstation. But it was still one hour until Kiki should arrive... so we went to McDonalds... and found out what we can do with the different modes of our cameras ~haha

anti-squinting modus ??? nothing happens...
romantic modus??? any difference? NO
fisheye perspective... shows  an effect ~ wow... but ugly ~haha
Kirschus and Michis cams are much cooler! Funny frames or glitter effect *o* are super nice!!!

When Kiki arrived at Essen in the evening we all went back to Gladbeck to eat at an Italian restaurant!

I had my favourite salat at the restaurant ^^
The next day was super relaxed. We stayed the wohle day at Michis place.

Michi was trying to take notes of all our insider sayings ~haha
macha latte ~ *o*
Oreo cheese cake made by Michi and Kirschu!!! ~super delicious ^^
I tried to make a kind of a visual kei or gyaru-o hairstyle with Satos hair ^^°
turned out quite nice I think ^^
In the evening we tryed to make Takoyaki for the first time... but it did not work properly -.-° 

the mixture didn't firm up... so we couldn't turn the balls correctly... -.-°
The next day we went to Düsseldorf and also celebrated New Years Eve.
I will show you in one of the next posts!
bye bye ~ chu <3


Jenny ♥ said...

wow, you look amazing and amazing stuff you've bought *_* really great things!
Sounds like lots of fun!

Sasu said...

Ohhh die Sachen sind toll *_*
Kann ich fragen woher du den geilen Rock hast?
Denn ich suche auch sowas schon ewig xD; und ausm inet mag ich in größe 0 nichts kaufen xD

Lau said...

thank you so much <3 yeah~ a lot of fun ~ haha

Lau said...

der plissierte Kunstlederrock? Der ist von Gina Trikot! (dachte ich hätt's geschrieben ^^°)
Für ca. 15€ im Sale! Vielleicht gibt es den ja noch ^o^ viel Glück ^^

Luna said...

Der Cardigan ist schick <3
Der gefällt mir sehr gut.

Lau said...

hey, du bist doch die, die sich für unseren Gyarusa interessiert, stimmts?
jaaa, mich hat der cardy ein bisschen ans ma*rs erinnert ^o^