Jan 11, 2013

Ranzuki~ makeup and hairstyles

Hello gals <3

Some of my lovely followers asked me for some more scans from the latest Ranzuki issue. They were interested in the makeup and hairstyle pages.

As I said before, Ranzuki shows very simple makeup toutorials and casual hairstyles. So I thought you might not be interested.
But some of you asked... so I'm gonna show you some more pages concerning makup and hairstyles!

Following are some variations concerning upper and bottom lashes combinations!

 Following some knacks with concealer, highlighter, nose makup, lippencil and darker contouring of the face.

Following some hairstyles in combination with hats and beanies.

Following some hairstyles in combination with different hair accessories.

And this shows different ways to make cute side bangs!

That's it! Hope at least some of you found it interesting !
See you soon ^o^

bye bye ~chu <3

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