Jan 26, 2013

Japan festival

Hello gals <3

Last weekend I visited the so called "Japan Festival" in Berlin. 

It was supposed to be a kind of a fair with Japanese cultural offers, traditional performances, and Information about travelling to Japan.
I knew that there would be cosplayers and anime/manga merchandise stalls like on a real anime/manga convetion.

But it was more of a convention than I would have expected^^°

my styling:
my hairstyle^^
I tried to arrange a hairstyle of Yumachi from the January issue of Egg. But I did it reversed left to right ^^°

but I got a tension of my neck afterwards because of the full weight of hair on the right side...

d.i.a.- belt and -alike clothes to create a little bit of a 96gal look.... a little...
pretend to be cool...
... not cool enough ^^°
Finally with coat and ready to go!
I attatched the collar and the wrist cuffs (which actually don't belong to the coat)

When Kiki and I arrived at the "Urania" we were really suprised... It was like a manga/anime convention o.O A little bit annoying because we expected it to be differently.

But we met some nice people there!
Baha and Batsi and a girl from our Japanese course and Yuna from our gyarusa GG-Glitter (in a Deidara - Naruto cosplay~ haha XD), a stressfull friend of Kiki and finally Yune/Sesin (she's also from GG-glitter) and Kukki (our circle mascott XD).

cute Yune and me - love her Liz Lisa dress *o*
I bought this cute My Melody charm for my camera ^o^

Later on we bought onigiri ^o^ Rice Up was selling onigiri on the Japan festival.
And I found out that "Rice Up" now has a collaboration with the Supermarket chain "Bio Company" in Berlin.

So if you like onigiri and you are living in Berlin, you don't have to go to subway station Schönleinstraße to byu them!
Some selected stores of Bio Company in Berlin sell Onigiri from Rice Up now! (not the one next to my home -.-)

on the stage they were presenting different Japanese sports and traditions
And on the highest floor they were presenting some more traditional stuff! Kimonos and obis, Japanese Tea and Sake, Japanese art and a lot of tourist informations!

In the evening Kiki and I went to the restaurant "Makoto"! Because beside the onigiri there was no Japanese food on the event... 

I had Kaisen Yakisoba *o* OMG soooooo good <3
bye bye gals ~ chu <3


Rukipe said...

This hairstyle suits you so good! OMG! :O you look awesome like that! <3
a bit sad that it was more like a anime/manga convention :/
japan festival could mean so much more than just anime...

Rinnie (女神リン) said...

That hair looks awesome! *o* I wish I was so good with my hair~ XD

Your nails seem to be very nice, too!

Lau said...

thank you sooo much <3 <3 <3
but it was so heavy on the one side~ haha XD

Lau said...

Thank you very much <3 <3 <3
Am I good with my hair? I always just try out XD
I really loved that nail design but now I have a new one^^°
coming in the next post XD

Brigitte Kwasny said...
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Lau said...

@Brigitte Kwasny
dankeschöööön <3 <3 <3