Jan 7, 2013

Ranzuki February 2013 - scans

Hello everybody ^^
I didn't blog for some days...sorry.... was just lazy~ haha ~ that's the reason why ^^°

Right now I'm sitting at university and have some time to start with a very simple post ^^° In Düsseldorf I bought the new Ranzuki and Men's Egg issues!

So I decided to make some scans and show them to you. Always Popteen and Egg scans (which I think you know anway) might bore you...^^° So maybe Ranzuki and Men's Egg are something new for you ???

So I start with Ranzuki February issue 2013! 
I focused on the more fashion releated pages instead of showing you makeup and hairstyles (which I think aren't very special in Ranzuki).

I really like the more sportive and casual gyaru fashion of Ranzuki. Gives me inspiration for daily outfits and styles ^^

Next entry will be about the time around my New Year's Eve with my friends. And afterwards I'll show you the Men's Egg scans!

bye bye ~chu <3


tine said...

uuui du warst in düsseldorf??? wollt schon fast fragen ob du die ranzuki aus'm neo hast aber die haben die (wahrscheinlich immer noch nicht) im programm.

das mit faulsein kenn ich auch XD aber derzeit bin ich total in meiner blogwahnphase, muss das vom dez und nov nachholen lol

Patri Lavulin said...

Nice. Today I bought this number. But the makeup section was very nice as it's always and you should put it too because it shows tricks and tips. ^^

bye byee

Anonymous said...

I actually kinda like the more casual make-up here... so I'd second the wish to see at least some of the tutorials. ^^
(And I LOVE that paw-hat! <3)

Lau said...

ja, war über Silvester in Düsseldorf ^o^ und genau weil es die Ranzuki nicht im Neo gibt habe ich sie mir da gekauft anstelle der Egg oder der Popteen, die ich auch hier in Berlin bekomme ^^

Ich probier grad alles aufzuarbeiten im blog XD

Lau said...

@Patri Lavulin
Thank you for your comment. From your blog I know that you really like Ranzuki magazine ^^
I prepared another post concerning makeup from Ranzuki ^^ 'cause you were not the only one who is interested in ^^°
I personally prefer other magazines for makeup tutorials!
bye bye

Lau said...


Yeah, I prepared another post with Ranzuki scans concerning makeup and hairstyles ^^