Mar 25, 2013

Booksfair Leipzig - Saturday - Golden Bomber Cosplay (Dance my Generation)

Hello my beloved followers ^^
University started again today for me. But luckily the first days are not that stressful. So I'm early at home and have time to blog^^

I'm a little bit late but here is my post about LBM (booksfair Leipzig) Saturday.
My friends and me cosplayed Golden Bomber (Dance my Generation PV) that day.

one first photo of Michi and me at the train stop
 After a super nice breakfast in our hotel we started dressing up^^° It took "hours" to finish Michis kabuki makeup for her Kenji-Cosplay. I'm always doing the white part and Michi does the red and black patterns by herself. But she did it perfectly!!!!

We arrived hella late on the fair....^^° First I had to search for a girl who bought a cosplay from me and then we had to wait for our friend Kirshu to complete our group as Jun!

while waiting for Junjun~ Kiki-Kyan and me XD ~eating WURST
our complete Golden Bomber cosplay group ^o^
The fair was so damn overcrowded this Saturday.... I guess it's getting even worse from year to year... Difficult to find a nice photo location^^°

Michi as Kenji
Kiki as Yutaka
Kirshu as Jun
me as Shou
my nails totally match my cosplay.... NOT~
to monkey around~ Kiki and Nii-chan/padfood/Denise XD
Inbetween we had a small meetup with our gyarusa GG-glitter ^^° ~haha I was the absolute opposite of gyaru~ *lol*
but Senja andd Goof  rocked in their beautiful Yukatas <3
OMG alpaca-mania on the fair .... I was glad that I did not have to carry a giant plush toy around~ haha
yeah~ Tama (from my circle) and even Yomi (old friend) were there ^o^
After this we continued our cosplay shooting!
Jun: "Kiss desu" Yutaka: "Honey toast" (sorry if you don't understand XD)
wonderful 80's PV optic~ haha
behind the scenes~ lol
my perspective...
...photographer's perspective
I really hope we continue cosplaying Golden Bomber ^^ so much fun with the girls....eeeeh boys XD If you want to see more photos look here: animexx 
Kiki had a matching lighter for everyone of us!
Time flew by too fast as always... and so we left the fair halls...

But short before leaving we spotted cute Fuyu ^o^
As gyaru she's super neat but as Ama Lolita she's even cuter >.< As sweet as sugar!
A super nice day at any rate!!! In the evening I was just looking forward to the next day and our GALS! cosplays ^^ no binding off my boobs and female makup *o*

I will post about the Sunday soon!
bye bye ~ chu<3


Rukipe said...

OMG!! Euer Cosplay ist sowas von gelungen!! xDD sehr geiles Resultat!! xD

Miya Skellington said...
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Miya Skellington said...

Wow, sehr geile Cosplays!!!

Lau said...

dankööööööö XD hat sich die Mühe gelohnt XD

Lau said...

@Miya Skellington
danke danke ^^