Mar 14, 2013

GG-Glitter - 3rd meetup

Hello everybody ^o^

Last saturday I met the girls from my gyarusa GG-Glitter.
Unfortunately only a few could come... A lot of us canceled last-minute Q___Q
But although we were just 6 people we had a lot of fun.

my styling:

It got hella cold that weekend again -.-° But I picked out a springlike coord nevertheless. Mint and light pink ^^
The pullover is the one I bougt at Tally Weijl recently.
The onepiece in from Liz Lisa and I wore another Liz Lisa skirt underneath to add some volume into the skirt.

The hairstyle with a selfmade mint green bow and two selfmade satin scrunchies.

Makeup point : pink blush, eyeshadow and lipstick

upper lashes: Eyemazing No. 501 (Kyary Pamyu Pamyu) + diamond lash (angel eye)
first time I used the cheap taiwanese lower lashes and the new circle lenses (geo princess mimi bambi sesame grey)
outer coord
Actually we planned to go to the greentea café Mamecha and afterwards to go bowling. But now with only a few persons we made new plans~ haha
So we went to Crépestation instead!

Senya browsing through her new Ageha issue
The one who is hiding behind her mobile phone is Mao. She's not in our circle but she's the one who took a lot of photos that day with my camera. I really have to thank her!!!!

our nestling Yuna (left) and cool Tine (right)
my peach custard crépe and my macha latte
We chatted a lot and it was really funny^^ Our newest member Alice was with us. She's really nice and pretty. She was sitting on my right-hand side. But unfortunately the camera ankle could not capture her -.-°...
everybody starts refrehing makup~ haha
haha~ so funny >____<
Hani and me - I love her hair!!! Could not believe it's a wig o.O
Afterwards we started a small photosession. And some other customers also wanted to take photos >.<° ~uuuuum embarassing~ haha

Senya and me ( somehow our pink shades of my Liz Lisa onepiece and her ma*rs top are clashing ^^°)
Yunas "hairbow"-hairstyle is way cute <3
Senya , me , Tine , Yuna , Alice and Hani

Afterward we seperated. Alice and Yuna went home and the rest went shopping~
I spotted some new shops I didn't know before. For example "Ann Christine" (the Label is also distributed at New Yorker) or "1982" a subsidiary of Takko. 

at New Yorker I bought this long sleeved denim blouse ^o^
The others (except Hani) bought way more~ haha.
the 4 remaining girls^^
photo taken from Senyas facebook
After some struggles with guys who thought we were animals in the zoo and a lot of gaping geezers we had a lot of fun at shopping~ haha

good-bye photo
The weather was horrible... rain and snow and wind and soooo cold... toxic for beautiful curls~....
when I came back home... SNOW -.-°
But it was such a nice day and I can't wait for the next meet! ^o^
I guess I will meet some on the booksfair Leipzig this weekend!
Tomorrow I'll go to Leipzig <3

bye bye ~chu <3


Miya Skellington said...

Such nice photos of you and your gals ^^ Seems a lot of fun!

センヤ●Sano said...

das foto von mir
OHNE WORTE ganz ehrlich XD

ユネたん said...

Ihr seht alle so super süß aus*-* ich bin so traurig, das ich nicht dabei warT^T
das wetter an dem tag war aber wirklich mies v.v* ich musste auch irgendwann an dem tag noch durch den schneesturm:(

tolle fotos und tolle outfits!!! <3LG <3

Tsukiko said...

Echt tolle (und teilweise auch lustige Fotos dabei)! (^__^) Du siehst echt niedlich aus, ich mag deinen Style! :3