Mar 4, 2013


Hello everybody^^

I just want to show you briefly which parts of my cosplays are already done and what I still have to do!

The three skirts for my friends and me for our Super Gals cosplays are finished.

that's the fabric
I tried how to fold the fabric in the pattern repeat
I sewed additional white seams to complete the pattern
all 3 skirts are ready^^
the longest one is mine ^^ I wear it waisthigh! My friends prefer wearing it on the hip!
That's the cardigan I made!
And here is also the blouse that I sewed!
Today I made the pattern construction for my trousers suit. The construction of the man's jacket for my bodysize was so complex >.<

pattern construction of my jacket ^^° not very intersting for you~...-.-°
Oh, and of course I still have to cut and style the wigs ...

I have to cut the wig and add the red streak...
finally it should look like this ^^

here is another wig that...
...should look like this when I finished it ^^°
And finally the wig I am most afraid of  >____<...

I have to turn this wig (for a friend)...
into this!!! waaaa~ let's see what I can do^^°

bye bye ^o^
~chu <3


Miya Skellington said...

Wow you are very talented *__*

Rukipe said...

holy shit!!
wie talentiert du bist! das ist so krass o_o du kannst echt stolz auf all deine selfmade Sachen sein! die sehen echt gut aus! bin gespannt wie du die Wigs hinkriegst...besonders die fürs Golden Bomber Cosplay XD Ich freu mich riesig auf das Endresultat! <3

Lau said...

@Miya Skellington
thank youuuuuuu <3

Lau said...

~haha danke >///<
auf die Wigs bin ich aber auch mal gespannt ^^°... ich schaff das schon!!!