Mar 12, 2013

New nails, outfits, a little shopping and cosplay progress

Heyhooo ^^
Here I go with a new post!

One week ago I visited my sister and I got a new nail design <3 It's my favourite design of all the ones I had before!!!

zebra print, rhinestones, pink and glitter <3 <3 <3

That's the outfit of the day!
first shot with new nails ~ haha
My sister gave me a dress. She does not wear it anymore... so she thought I might like it! It has a very unusual structure! Let's see how I can coordinate it~

So here is another outfit of last week with my brown sweater. It creates a onee-gyaru look I think!

outer version
Last week I also went shoppng with my mom. It was more of HER shopping but I also found two bargains.
Here my outfit:
simpel makeup
I bought a black longcardigan and a hat. Both for 3€ each. wow~ what prizes~ haha
cardie and hat ^^
Wanna coorinate the hat to more onee styles!
And what I'm doing most of my time (besides writing applications and being annoyed of my new semester's timetable...) is preparing cosplays for booksfair Leipzig.

pattern construction of my trouseres suit and cut of it
a tailors life....~haha
ready!!! ^o^
here you can see also the trousers... and some wigs~ haha
trying out my wig
GB's cosplay shoes... kawaii neee....?...NOT~
Let's hope everything together will look like this finally!!!
Aah, and of course the other wig! this!
 And some late cosplay stuff arrived FINALLY!
black satin shirt, orange trousers suit and two dark brown wigs (everything for my friend Kiki)
O.k. one of the wigs is mine! It was just to be on the save side if the othe wig would not arrive in time! But now we wave two brown wigs, and Kiki can decide which one is better for her cosplay!

That's it so far!
bye bye~ chu <3


Miya Skellington said...

Ich bin gespannt wie deine Cosplays am Ende aussehen werden *__*

Lau said...

@ Miya Skellington
ich auch~ ... XD

Komachi said...

Ich lieeeeebe deine nägel *_*