Mar 6, 2013

Shopping all alone

Hello everybody ^^

Last week (Wednesday) I took my time to go on a shopping tour on my own.
From time to time I really enjoy shopping all alone.

I wanted to check the bargains at Tally Weijl. The weekend before I was at another Tally shop and they didn't have a single pullover in my size.
So I went to the shopping center Alexa this time.

my outfit
haha~ another perspective ^^°
makeup and hair
The first stop was at Tally Weijl as planned. Luckily they still had all the last season's pullovers for around 5€. And Luckily still some in my size ^o^
To buy one of these was my target of the day!

I tried on this mintgreen one...
...and tried on this pink one...
...and tried on this blue one...
...and tried on some others.... Finally I decided for the mint green one ^^

After Tally I went to some other shops.
At H&M I also found some nice bargains!

I like the light in the changing rooms ^^ So I took another outfit photo~ haha
 I found a blue cardigan, which I could have taken for my Ran cosplay... too late... I already sewed one on my own ^^°

I think the colour was to dark anyway!
And I found a super nice brown pullover. I never had a brown one!

It's so big and so comfy ^^ I love it <3
So, I bought it ^o^
I also tried some shoes on. I'm searching for light coloured ones. Nude, white, beige...

I just tried them on. (too expensive) Really cute, aren't they?
I liked these, too. But not in my size...
At Colloseum there were also so many nice garments greatly reduced! But as the winter hopefully draws to an end I didn't want to buy too many winter clothes ^^°

So I didn't get this short cardie.
And I didn't buy this hat/scarf thingy ...
But it's cute, isn't it?

So my haul where two pullovers ^^
 I was really satisfied that I got them really cheap and I was happy that I kept up and didn't buy more ^o^
bye bye ~ chu <3


Miya Skellington said...

Wow, I love the mint pullover and the blue cardigan you tryed at H&M *___*

Lau said...

@Miya Skellington
I love mint, too ^^
~haha the cardigan... unfortunately I made a similar one by myself~ haha^^° it's always like this...

Komachi said...

Ich mag dein outfit total! Jetzt will ich auch einen highwaist-Karo-rock >_<! Du bist schuld! ^^
Das ganze mit dem blauen Cardigan hat aber auch was....
Und ich konnte an der katzenohren-mütze nicht vorbeigehen.... die musste mit *g*

Lau said...

uuuups~ sorry wegend em Rock~ haha XD ich mag den aber auch echt gerne^^° vielleicht findest du ja auch günstig einen!!!
Echt, hast du die Mütze gekauft? cool XD ich war schon zu frühlingshaft eingestimmt, um Wintermützen zu kaufen *lol*