Apr 7, 2014

Berlin ~ second-hand shop ~ "Colours" (I found real gyaru brand there)

Hello everybody ^^
Today I wanna show you my haul from a large second hand shop in Berlin.

When I was in Japan I always loved Harajuku second-hand shops like the big "Kinji used clothing" store. A huge assortment in so many different styles and everything super cheap. You can even find brand clothes for cheap!

But I never showed a certain interest in German second-hand shops.... you know there are a lot of prejudices: bad quality, broken, smelly, dirty but still too expensive!
But I was curious... I wanted to find out on my own!

my simple look that day

So I went to "Colours" a large second-hand store in Berlin Kreuzberg (Bergmannstraße 102) which belongs to the vintage/second-hand supplier "Kleidermarkt" which runs several stores in Berlin and Hamburg.
the entrance (store in the first floor)
 I went there at a Tuesday. Between 11am and 3pm you get 30%  discount every Tuesday!!!
The store is really huge!!! And you will definitely need much time to explore it! I spent 2 1/2 hours there!

You have to know that there are cheap garments and some with fixed prices. Those garments are a little expensive for second-hand in my opinion! (mini-skirts or hotpants for 20€...) but well these pieces might be a little more special....

But I found all my treasures among the cheaper pieces!
(Every skirt 3€, every jeans 5€ and many garments for price per kilo which can be really cheap!!!)

I was searching for baggy jeans, dungarees, denim minis skirts, checked shirts and checked ginham/Vichy square garments!
You have to know what you are looking for, otherwise you are lost in this mass of chlothes!!!

1. baggy jeans
These are just ordinary men's Levis jeans but with my body they work as baggy/boyfriend look! Exactly what I wanted!

2. dungarees
looove them <3
Also loose fitting!
When I just go to an ordinary shop looking for jeans they are all super tight for my legs.... but second-hand I found what I wanted!

3. denim mini skirt
I was looking for black, white or blue ones.
This light blue one convinced me ^^
4. checked shirts/blouses
This one was a collaboration of Uniqlo x Disney (so a japanese brand!) but it was too tight...
But the next one was an even better choise!!!!!!!!
I really wanted a red/black one.
Guess what? It's from a real GYARU BRAND !!!! o.O "Maison Gilfy!
"Gilfy"  is maybe not so well known anymore but it ruled rockish gyaru fashion maybe five years ago! It's still existing with 13 stores across Japan. None in Shibuya 109... but it used to have the biggest 109 store some years ago!
I'm so super happy with this blouse *o* I couldn't even imagine to find real Japanese brands there... but I also found other garments with Japanese care labels (brand "Pumkin"???) and I found a japanese "One Piece"-hoodie....
Just so crazy!

5. checked ginham/Vichy square garments
A cute blouse!!!
It once was from Tally Weijl.
And I even found a super cute trench coat with the same print!
Checked ginham/Vichy square is this year's super spring trend in gyaru fashion!

you can change the look
You can even change the complete garment from the inside to the outside!!!
completely black
Such a versatile garment!!!
And I paid less them 25€ for all these clothes!!!! (23,60 € I guess...)

I can recommend "Colours" if you have enough time and you are willing to search for some special and cheap pieces among a lot of useless rubbish ^^°
Of course there are broken garments, dirty things and ugly lapse of tastes that you could even wear for a bad taste party ^^°
But with patience and luck you can find real tresures for cheap!!! (!!!Gyaru brand!!!)

bye bye~ chu <3


YeonJae Park said...

Ahahaha XD Ich msuste grad so lachen wegen dem Bad Taste Party XD
Aber ein guter Tipp, sollte vllt auch mal dort vorbei schauen wenn ich wieder mal Schwiegereltern in Berlin besuchen sollte :3 Danke für den Hinweis ^.^

Serina said...

Aww, wir müssen da mal zusammen hin gehen :3
Hast ja wirklich tolle Sachen gefunden, der Mantel gefällt mir am besten :D

mistymysterious said...

Wow, das muss ich mir mal merken.
Gerade, weil ich zum einen nicht mit den momentanen Klamotten zufrieden bin und zum anderen, weil ich u.a. auch seit langem einen etwas ausgefalleneren Trenchcoat suche - vielleicht könnte ich ihn da finden?
Vielen Dank für die kleine Review. ;3

Der Mantel gefällt mir hier auch echt klasse und ich mag die rotkarierte Bluse total. <3

Kati said...

Wow, that Gilfy top was such a find!! Gilfy has always been my favourite and I'm so sad it's not as popular anymore as it used to be. They made such amazing clothes and they were so different! I'd love to get lost to that second hand shop, though. Looks amazing *^*

Renoyuki said...

Wow, so einen laden hätte ich hier auch gerne. Und mit dem Hemd ist ja mega cool. Hast schöne Sachen gefunden! ^^
Und ein schönes Outfit wieder. ^^