Apr 29, 2014

My Easter and many gets

Hello everybody ^^
After the last thoghtful post I just want to show you some of my latest gets and my Easter ^^

As you can see on the first photo: I have super cute "My little Pony" T-shirt *o*
My friend Aurora bought it for me when she was in London for her internship.
It's from Primark but I just know that German Primark had a sequin T-Shirt with My little Pony.
I've never seen this before *o* it's so goreous because it shows the original MLP generation 1 Ponys !!! (Not the MLP from "Friendship is Magic")
Thank you so much Aurora ^o^
My family celebrated Easter at Good Friday.
our Easter-spray^^
my Easter look
very simple make-up
yaeh... playing around with line camera XP
These are my Easter-gets:
"The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug"-DVD <3 and UV-lamp for setting gel nails
beginner set for making gel nails (gels, brushes, deco...) <3
My sister does not have so much time for doing my nails anymore. So I'm trying to decorate them on my own in the future ^^  I'm going to a nail salon at the moment...

right now they are just plain light pink but I want to decorate them more on my own ^^
without circle lenses...
At "Easter-Saturday" my friend Kiki came back from Japan an brought so much stuff she bought there for me *o* (yes, I gave her the money before^^)
my "Lucky bag" XD
What's inside?
Popteen and Egg ~May issues
Co&Lu sweater and stockings~ Now I finally have something from this brand *o* Last year they didn't have the things that I wanted^^°
Ank Rouge skirt <3 perfect!!!
Dolly Wink No. 14 ~Natural Girl~ yeah: at least she found the lower lashes I wanted ^^ She didn't find any of the upper diamond lashes that I wanted -.-° !!!nowhere in Tokyo!!!...what happenes in Japan?
Maika/Inkay/Iscalar merchandise from Pokémon Center Tokyo <3 (sticker, mobile phone charm, plush toy)
It's James' new Pokémon <3 Looove Maika (and looooove James >///<) <3

Happy Lau is happy <3 Thank you soooo much Kiki for buying all this  <3
bye bye <3


Nagareboshi said...

Excellent gets! I'm looking forward to improving my wardrobe soon. ^^


Renoyuki said...

Zum letzten Post: Ich finds auch mega schade. gerade die egg gehört zu meinen lieblings zeitschriften.

und zu diesen: die bilder sind sehr schön und ich bin sehr gespannt, wie du deine nägel machst. ^^ sind coole sachen, auch die, die kiki dir mitgebracht hat. ^_^
Voll schön! LG, Renoyuki!

mistymysterious said...

Ich bin schon sehr auf deine Dekos für die Nägel gespannt.^^

Der Rock ist sehr süß und dieses Pokémon... <3
Ich kenne mich mit den neuen nicht aus, demzufolge kenne ich es auch gar nicht, aber... niedlich <3<3<3