Apr 3, 2014

Day with Michi/ Outfits/ Shopping

Hello everybody ^^

So finally I start bloggig what happened in my life after Leipzig Book Fair XD
I just couldn't movivate myself for a post... I just enjoyed the last days of my semesterbreak and the great weather!

Well, the day after LBM my friend Michi came with me to Berlin and spent the day with me.
So we decided to do Purikura~ haha... what else XD

Honestly I will never wear anything white or pastel coloured in this mashine again... I just look bleached out ,like  a ghost and super fat^^°... so I don't like my full boldy shots... -.-°
outfit with outer jacket... it was very cold again this day...
Afterwards we went to "Bunte Schokowelt" a "Ritter sport" shop and café.
All the sweets and drinks they offer are based on the different Ritter sport variations. So chocolate is everywhere ^o^
I wrote into Michis conhon... all of our bookfair memories ^^
We had a really nice day and in the evening she went back to the Ruhr area via train ^^

Well I also have some casual outfit shots for you that I was wearing during my semester break!

I also went shopping quite often ^^° I will show you some more hauls in my following posts...
But here is one: I went shopping with my parents.
I actually can't remember when I went shopping together with both of my parents for the last time...??? ~haha but why not ? XD
I was searching for a leather-alike leggings.
found this one at "Forever 18" for 7€ ^^
And I found this maxi skirt at H&M in the same material as I already bought a cardigan and a short dress. (5€)
now I have definitely enough garments with this fabric and pattern ^^°
That's it for today!
But my next posts are already prepared~ haha
so bye bye and chu <3


Jenny ♥ said...

tolle Puris und tolle Outfits <3

Nagareboshi said...

Mir gefallen all deine Outfits. Ich vermisse Puri... Deine sehen so toll aus! ^^