Apr 9, 2014

Tuesday with friends

Hello Gals <3

Last Tuesday (I still had semester break at that time) I met with Kiki and later on with Hani and Mao.

It was the first day of Kikis holidays before her journey to Japan this year.
We met very early in the morning because we had to organise a new flight for Kiki. Because of pilot's strike her flight was canceled.
So we went to the airport.

I dyed some of my extensions light pink the day before. So I used them for the first time ^^
I also cut them in my actual hair length.
So I can wear them just as a colour accent with my normal hair length!

...maybe I have to cut them a little bit shorter!
I wore a simple elegant coord with my new greying onepiece and cardigan.

and I wore my new (black) trenchcoat
I used very natural top and bottom lashes
I did not wear contacts in the morning. I just put them in when we finally got a new flight for Kiki and were able to eat some lunch in a shoppimg center ^^

Afterwards we met with Hani and Mao!

We sat down at Coffee Fellows and exchanged so many things~ haha
I got so many things... it was like birthday or Christmas XD (I gave Hani two dresses)

Hani gave me the skirt I bought from Kukki!
Now I own this fabulous "Glavil" skirt *o*
Hani also gave Kiki and me the circle lenses she ordered for us ^o^
I had no chance to try them out until now...
Doll+ brown
Geo Princess Mimi (Bambi Series)  -apple green
I hope that they are as comfortable as the ones in sesame grey that I had before!!!!

And Hani gave me her old smartphone *o* Thank you so much Hani <3 <3 <3
Now I finally also have a smartphone!
But I'm such a lame duck with technological products that Hani has to help me to get along better with this device^^°
Afterwards we strolled a little bit through the shops!

At New Yorker we conincidentally me Tama and A-chan ^^° What's up? Is Berlin a village?
Kiki hiding behind the curtain in the changing room XD
Hani, A-chan, Mao
All together in the mirror ~ haha Tama and Kiki bleached out in the background ^^°
A-chan and me ^^
It was a really nice day an I'm so glad Kiki got a new flight to Osaka!!! (via Kopenhagen and Dubai ^^°) Right now she's in Japan with Michi!
And I'm attending university again.... but I've got a quite relaxed timetable !

bye bye <3


mistymysterious said...

Blond und Pink finde ich immer noch eine total schöne Kombination! ~♥
Ebenso schickes Outfit!

Der Rock ist echt genial und Glückwunsch zum Smartphone! Ich denke, du wirst dich schnell dran gewöhnen. Bis vor einem Jahr hatte ich auch keins und mir war diese Touchtechnik nie geheuer, aber inzwischen frag ich mich, warum ich mich so komisch angestellt habe. xD

Komachi said...

Ein Gal ohne Smartphone - ich dachte das gibt's gar nicht ^^
Glückwunsch, du wirst dich bald fragen, wie du ohne mal leben konntest :D

Und ich hab dasselbe Kleid von Primark x3~

Lau said...

danke dankeee <3
ja, inzwischen komme ich auch einigermaßen klar XD ja die Touch-Technik ist ein bisschen gewöhnungsbedürftig XD aber ich bin vor allem mit den ganzen Einstellungen nicht klar gekommen.... wann wähle ich was aus und wo lade ich apps runter usw. XD ohne Hilfe wäre ich gescheitert ^^

Lau said...

doch das gibt's oder gab es vielmehr... ohne zu leben ging auch sehr gut und das hat ja nix mit dem Gal-sein zu tun o.O....
ich gebe mir jedenfals Mühe nicht so schrecklichh abhängig von dem ding zu werden!!!

o.O welches Kleid von Primark? mein graues Kleid ist von H&M XD
bye bye und danke für den Kommi ^^