Apr 19, 2014

Hanami in Marzahn XD

Hello everybody ^^

Last weekend I went to the "Cherry blossom festival" in the "Gardens of the world" in Berlin Marzahn.

I met some friends and we had a nice little picnic there.

I decided for a heavier make up and a rokku look since I wanted to wear my new Glavil skirt <3

my coord
outer coord with leather jacket ^^
I "pleated" my hair and my pink extes.

 At first I met my friend Kura there who I didn't expect to meet at all XD
So curious but a nice surprise ^o^

Afterwards I also met Hani, Mao (it was Maos birthday^^), Jackeline, her boyfriend, Kukki, A-chan, Tama and many more....^^
thank good I got the idea to bring a blanket XD
Hanis cake might look unimpressive but it was soooo yummie <3

Most of the cherry blossoms were not blooming anymore. But the garden was full of visitors and cosplayers and there were a lot of stalls and a stage with traditional asian performances. Well that was not so interestin for me ^^°...

a "serious" group photo
time for shitfaces XD
... debating about "Germany's next Topmodel" ~haha
The weather was really changable. April weather !!! XD But we were lucky! Most of the time the sun was shining extremely ^o^

At the end of the day I even went into the labyrinth with Kukki and two friends <3
Thanks to Kukki and her great knowledge about that labyrinth we managed to get to the core and to get outside again XD ~haha

bye bye~ chu <3 and happy Easter !!!


Ayuna- Chan said...

You are wonderful!
you are very pretty and have great style :)
I love blogs like this one, full of passion :)
keep in touch?
I love to read about new cultures, traditions and meet new people
especially from other countries away from me :)
greetings from Polish <3

Jenny ♥ said...

Richtig schöne Bilder <3 deine Frisur ist toll!

Nagareboshi said...

Tolles Outfit. Dein Makeup gefällt mir besonders. ^^