May 13, 2014

Day with Kiki/ hair-wave tutorial/ new nails

Hello everybody ^^
I think will make a short break of my magazine scans.
So I will continue with Egg May and S Cawaii April after this post!

Some weeks ago I met with Kiki just for spending time together, drink a coffee and so on. So no special occasion.
I was wearing my new Co&Lu sweater <3
So I wore a simple amekaji coord this day!
cap - H&M
chocker - selfmade
sweater - Co&Lu
skirt (actually a dress) - H&M
socks - socks shop in Nakano/Tokyo
shoes: Tally Weijl
love my new bottom lashes (Dolly Wink No. 14 Natural Cute)
At first we went to Neo Tokyo. There I bought magazines. Next time I'll show you the scans.
Afterwards I wanted to buy a case/sock for my smartphone.
Claire's sells super cute and furry monsers XD
So I got myself this perfect cute monster case <3
perrrrrrfect, isn't it? <3
Afterwards Kiki and I went to Crèpestation <3
Matcha Latte *o*
Kiki and me <3
We were debationg about upcoming outfit projects and cosplays. We had a lot of fun ^^

Do you want to know how I make these simple "natural" waves in my hair?
I don't use heating tools such as curling irons very often for my hair!
Nearly all my wavy and curly styles are done with the technique to let my hair dry in a specific shape/form.

Here is a small tutorial:
I consider doing this in the evening before the day you want to have waves!
1. wash your hair
2. let it almost dry in the open air... NOT completely
It's enough when your hair is just a little dry!
3. section it in two parts
4. drive it in two strands of hair (very high on your head)
5. fix it with a hair tie
6. do this with both sides
7. before going to sleep you look like this
8.the next morning~ these two pigtails don't bother me at sleeping
9. your hair is dry and you can loosen the pigtails
10. tadaaaa~ the result
 As the day progresses the waves hang out a little so they will look as natural as in the beginning of my post.
It's super easy and doesn't damage your hair!
Have a try <3

And last but not least: here is my first "selfmade" nail design:
It's inspired by 90's retro look and the brand Fig & Viper.

you see what I mean?: gold and black and colourful "gems"
detail of my right thumb nail
detail of my left thumb nail
Do you like them? Well, I'm really satisfied XD
That's it ^^
bye bye~ chu <3


Jallou said...

Okay meine liebe Lau, wenn das mit den Haaren wirklich so gut klappt, dann geb ich dir das nächste mal (wenn wir uns sehen) ein Eis aus xD Das wäre die Lösung all meiner morgendlichen Probleme xD

Jenny ♥ said...

Sieht gut aus mit den Haaren *_* werd ich dringend mal ausprobieren. Du siehst wieder klasse aus!

Lau said...

viel Erfolg beim Probieren^^
kann natürlich sein, das das mit anderde Haarflängen und -Strukturen nicht ganz so gut klappt..??? Bin sehr gespannt <3

Lau said...

ja probier aus ^^
bye bye <3

Nagareboshi said...

Du siehst immer so toll aus! ^^

ゼリー Hime said...

i love both the nails you've done and the hair tutorial <3

Lau said...

thank you so much <3

Lau said...


Thank you so much <3 hope the tutorial is helpful! Some people asked me how I do my waves...
So this is one possible answer^^

Honey Tan @ said...

Your room makes my room look depressed lol But then again I am sharing the bedroom with my boyfriend. My bedroom would be drapped into cuteness if I wasn't sharing it!!