May 5, 2014

Meeting and eating with friends

Hello everybody ^^
At Easter Day I met some of my friends.

It was super nice weather (no comparison to last year's Easter...which was snowy XD)
And I was wearing a quite summery outfit.

onepiece: Liz Lisa
Jurassic Park top: Forever 21
stockings: Primark
shoes: Spinns
It's mix of sweet and sporty casual. A combination that I really like recently.

I decided for a kind of oldschool sweet gyaru make up. Yes, I still love that droopy eye shape Q___Q
I met with Kiki, Hani and Mao at Alexanderplatz in front of the "Weltzeituhr".
Kiki and me ^^
"Weltzeituhr" (world time clock) is maybe a meeting place in Berlin such as "Hachiko" in Shibuya/Tokyo ~ haha...but we actually never meet there ^^°...

We first went to a japanese restaurant.
my food ~hihi (Udon *o*)
Hani and Mao^^
my "Hello Kitty Cocktail"
Well it does not look like Hello Kitty and I actually don't know why it's called like this.... but it was suuuuper yummie <3 It was a strawberry milkshake with freh strawberries <3

Kukki was also with us ^o^
After eating we decided to go.......eating something XD
Well we all were longing for a desert and a coffee ^^
Searching for a nice café! We really had no idea where to go XP
Accidentaly we found a nice café on our way!
They had so delicious homemade cakes *.* My carrot cake <3
Hani and me^^
oishiiii~ my hot chocolate <3 (and Hani taking a photo of her cake XP)
Kukki with rabbit ears~ it's Easter time ~haha
changing seats~ new angle ^^
Mao..... you're a big fan of selfies, ne?
We really liked the music in this café. A nice choise of 80's and 90's music fo a good mood <3
When we left the café we decided to go to Hani and Maos flat to have a little gaming evening.
woah~ looove Kukkis ears XD Don't they suit me?
Kiki and Mao <3
 We stayed at Mao and Hani's until the late evening and played Pokémoooooon <3 and GTA (Grand Theft Auto).... what a game o.O.... I just had the controler in my hand for some seconds to search for a new outfit for Maos GTA character and suddenly a weird guy came in the shop and sprayed bullets all over the place......and then her car disappeard or was scrapped or something o.O
.... I will never take the controler in my hand again ... GTA is not my game XP
I'm more suited for Pokémon <3
It was such a nice day <3
Love you all girls <3
bye bye ~chu


Miuko said...

Your outfit is great! And that bunny ears are sooo cute ^-^

Abbie said...

I just want to say I love your blog, and your gyaru style so much! Even though I quietly follow your blog and don't comment often, I hope you keep blogging and keep doing gyaru!

Also do you have a favorite pokemon?

Nagareboshi said...

You look amazing, as always! ^__^