May 7, 2014

Egg ~April 2014~ scans

Hello Gals~
Here are some scans of Egg April 2014 issue!

I try to list some trends seen in this Egg issue.

A loooot of denim, white, blue, stripes, dots.
Everything is quite casual and sporty or elegant.

You see many loafers with platform soles and sneakers with hidden wedges. Pencil skirts, skinny trouseres, off-shoulder and open-shoulder tops, small leather backpacks, bandanas/hair braids.
woaaa~ so many shoes *o* want them all <3
Shop Staff

Many beautiful hairstyles!

I really like this issue! Great "Street Groove", many new shoes, shop staff photos, a lot of beautiful wavy hair.

Next scanns will be of Egg May issue!
bye bye~ chu <3


N☆WAKI said...

I also like this issue so much ;O;
There were a lot of adorable clothes in it!
I really like those plattform shoes

mistymysterious said...

Oh, seh ich richtig, dass da ein Tattooband getragen wird?
Ich kann mich noch dran erinnern, wie wir damals alle eins haben mussten. MINDESTENS. xD

Sind wirklich schöne Outfits dabei! Gefällt mir echt gut. <3
Und wieder beneide ich euch Langhaarigen (lach).

Eine tolle Ausgabe der Egg! <3