May 21, 2014

STAR WARS Movie marathon - May the 4th (be with you)

Hello everybody ^^
As some of you might know, I'm a big STAR WARS fan! And the date 04.05. (May the 4th) is alsway called "STAR WARS day" because when you pronounce the date it sounds like the famous quote: "May the forth be with you!"

This year it was even more special because all around the world the weekend of this date was used for a STAR WARS Movie marathon in many cinemas!
information for Germany
 And of course I insisted to let the chance go to watch all the movies finally on big cinema screen *o*
STAR WARS is the best on big screen!!!!
And it was the very first chance to see also the old trilogy in cinema <3

Actually Senja who is a fan as well wanted to come with me.... but well.... she had to work very spontaneously. Poor Senja!
I was so happy that Mao came with me instead <3 (Mao had never seen a STAR WARS movie before XD)
my outfit for Saturday
On Saturday we saw the original trilogy (Episode IV - VI) starting at 5pm. (Episode I-III on Sunday)

STAR WARS skirt - Spinns
sweater - Buffalo
stockings - Co&Lu
shoes - Deichmann
Stormtrooper necklace - bought at Leipzig Bookfair
choker - selfmade
very simple make up - of course I took out my contacts before cinema!!!

Before going to cinema I met with Kiki, Hani and Mao for a coffee^^
haha~ stalkerphoto Mao took of Kiki and me XD
Afterwards Mao and me went to Cinestar Alexanderplatz.
entrance poster of our cinema hall <3 ~you could win one of these R2 posters... but I dind't -.-°
But there were Master Yoda and Darth Vader posters for everybody ^^
so I also took some with me for my friends Senja and Michi
hidden behind my bags in my room XD
Well I don't want to bore you with details of the screenings and the reaction of the audience (of course all fans)... so just some photos:
Mao and me <3
epic moment
neverending Stardestroyer <3
"The Empire strikes back"
some Jedi in the audience ^^°
lightsaber duels during the breaks between the movies ...
The next day the Prequel Trilogy started at 12:45 o'clock.
My outfit:
 Jedi cap - selfmade
choker - selfmade
Stormtrooper necklace - Leipzig Bookfair
T-shirt - H&M
tights - Claire's
shoes - Deichmann

While waiting in front of the cinema for Mao there were at least five strange guys (one after another) who wanted to take photos with me o.O..... what? why? ... (they were no STAR WARS fans)
I took a hidden photo of one of these strange guys as well.... creepy...
I mean my look was not that extraordinary... wasn't it?

Well the Prequel Trilogy was not so well-attended than the Original Trilogy the day before. That proofs that Episode IV-VI are definitely more popular among the fans...
But I'm generation Prequel Trilogy (Episode I-III) I just became fan because of the more "recent" movies.
And I fucking love Anakin!!!! He is such a complex character. 
He's the kind young slave boy helping without reward but also highly arrogant and unbounded, passionate and week and beside beeing a Jedi just human. He used to be the chosen one but is just falling into the dark. 
My absolutely favourite character from selfless young boy to Darth Vader!
But I guess he is one of the most hated characters (beside Jar Jar Bings...^^°)... I just know people who dislike him^^°

Mao and me after two days STAR WARS Marathon <3
So.... and one last STAR WARS info XD
This is my newest book (borrowed form my friend Michi <3)
I'm so excited to read it *o*
bye bye <3 (I promise no STAR WARS posts in the near future!!!... I'm so sorry if I just bored you Q___Q)

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