May 15, 2014

Egg ~May 2014~ scans

Hey Gals <3
here I wanna show you some scans of Egg May issue!

There are almost the same styles and trends in as in Egg April (my post before last).

But I will tell you about the trends again:

materials, colours and prints that are famous:
denim, white, blue, gingham check, pastels, stripes, dots, prints with fruits (lemons, cherries)

garments and styles that are famous:
 dungarees, cropped tops, boyfriend trousers, off-shoulder & open-shoulder tops, bandanas/headbands and lot of marine style!

 Looking at this issue makes me even more sad when thinking about the discontinuing of Egg magazine...
But what can we do about it? Nothing!!!
I just hope to be able to put my hands on the very last issue(s) of Egg.

bye bye ~chu <3


N☆WAKI said...

I wish Egg would continue.
It's so cruel. Kera, Egg, Popteen and Gothic & Lolita Bible have always been my favourite japanese magazines.
I'm really afraid of seeing the other magazines discontinuing, too. This issue of Egg was really lovely. I like the model with the blonde hair. She reminds me of Gyaru back in 2010

Nagareboshi said...

Thanks for the scans. I love Egg. Too bad it got discontinued...

Honey Tan @ said...

Thanks for posting much appreciated!