May 19, 2014

Dolly+ brown circle lenses (short review) / outfits

Hello everybody^^

Today I wanna show you some photos and a short review of my new circle lenses "Dolly+ ~brown~"

I was searching for some circle lenses which are brown/yellowish with a big black circle.
I wanted that the colour shows up on light eyes as well.
They are 14.5 mm and have a water content of 42%.

So they have a higher water content than my most comfortable ones.... but aren't as comfotable....
My eyes are really sensitive concerning contacts... so they might be very comfortable for you...???
But I can just wear them at most 5 h. Then they start to hurt and dry out my eyes extremely.
But it's the same with all contact lenses (except for the Geo Princess Mimi Bambi series). So I expected them to be less comfortable!

natural light
artificial light
 I like the colour. I like how the colour shows up on my light eyes and I like the size and the black circle for the dolly look.
The only thing that bothers me are the small black patterns/stripes in the inner circle... this design element is more suited for dark eyes and prevents the fading into my own eyecolour unfortunately...
But I'm happy with them nevertheless <3

Next part of this post are the daily casual outfits of last weeks:

fashion point: big STAR WARS T casual

fashion point: big STAR WARS T girly

fashion point: mint skirt
fashion point: pastelsXblack

fashion point: Jurassic Park cropped T

fashion point: skinny white trousers (GYDA inspired)

fashion point: girly cute mixed with casual street style

fashion point: romantic sweet style mixed with street style (cap, socks, platforms)

bye bye ~ chu <3


Honey Tan @ said...

I love the outfits especially 5,6 an 7. Thank you for doing the contacts review. I really love brown contacts so I ended up saving this blogpost to my bitly. Have a great week! :D

Honey Tan @ said...
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Jenny ♥ said...

I really like the contacts. They fit you <3 and I love all the outfits.

Rukipe said...

Das erste Foto ist SO bildhübsch! *`* Haare aus dem Gesicht = steht dir super gut! Hast so ein hübsches Gesicht <3

Leena♥ said...

Those lenses are so pretty!
I love that they look more gold on your eyes.~

Nagareboshi said...

Du bist so hübsch!!! ^^