May 6, 2014

Popteen ~May 2014 scans

Hello everybody ^^
As promised I scanned my latest magazines and today I will start with Popteen May issue.

The main fashion topic in Popteen is "Pin up girl".
It contains "girly pin-up", "sporty pin-up" and "marine pin-up" style!
It's very cute, girly, colourful and retro.

Colours, motifs and materials that are often seen are:
vichy suare/gingham check, blue (especially light blue), denim, white, red as an accent, pastels, stripes, cherries, hearts, resort theme (tropical prints, palms) and flowers.

What garments and cuts are often seen?:
flared skirts (mini and midi!!!) , pencil skirts, off-shoulder or open-shoulder tops, bandanas/scarfs tied as bow in the hair, choker, colourfull/cute/sporty socks, platform sneakers and -loafers.

It's most often a mix of girly/cute and sporty! For example a cute dress with sporty cap and platform shoes!
Here are some pages of this issue!

~waaaah Golden Bomber Fanta advert <3

Very clear definition of "Pin-up-girl"~ Kumicky(left) in marine Pin-up; Mapipi(middle) in girly Pin-up and Mizukitty(right) in sporty Pin-up.

Dakota Rose is now a Popteen model.
Well, I think she fits into Popteen very well... I'm not down on her at all! Although I think she looks a little stiff in some photos and maybe as she is still not used to shootings...??? maybe just my impression...

"Revlon" New kind of lipstick. would like to try it out!!!

OMG Popmodels are doing boyish style XD Some of them are so perfect ~haha

haha~ Minyatochhi is my personal winner XD

Michopa also looks almost really like a guy o.O...

bye bye~ chu <3


Victoria La. said...

Ulzzang Style everywhere! X..x
Sehe das nicht nur ich so, bitte?

Einige Outfits sind echt süß, danke für die Scans! <33

N☆WAKI said...

Wow I've never seen such a colourful issue of popteen O_O A few of those outfits also reminded me of my favourite magazine Kera !! It's so cute >o< But I don't know how to think about the pin-up-style. I do prefer the normal gyaru style as I'm used to.

mistymysterious said...

Minyatocchi sieht echt genial aus! xDD

Den Pin-Up-Style/Rockabilly Style mag ich wirklich sehr, wobei mir die Pin up girl-Outfits jetzt nicht so gefallen. Manche Sachen tragen einfach extrem dick auf, sobald man eine "normale" Hüfte hat. Aber ist ja immer so, das was nicht passt.^^;
Die Mischung aus sportlich&süß finde ich aber nach wie vor toll. Vor allem für solche bequemen Latschenvertreter wie mich, die nichts mit Absatzschuhen anfangen können. ;) (Wobei das Problem gelöst wäre, würde ich hübsche durchgehende Plateauschuhe finden. Die mag ich ;_;)

Ich hatte mir die April Popteen gekauft, in der groß von Dakota berichtet wurde. Ich muss sagen, dass sie hier schon ein bisschen "dran gewöhnter" aussieht - da wirkte sie in der vorherigen Ausgabe doch steifer. Vermutlich braucht sie wirklich einfach nur noch Übung.

Anonymous said...

Was that YulaYula wearing a shirt that said "Hello Ugly People."
Can people really wear something like that in Japan? It was that sort of behavior that got Dakota in so much trouble. But I do love Dakota. Someday Hollywood will make a movie about her life.
She is so interesting.