May 16, 2014

S Cawaii ~ April 2014 ~ scans

Hello everybody ^^
This is the last post with scans of japanese magazines for now.

S Cawaii is a magazine for grown up gyaru or just fashionable girls in their twenties and older.
The fashion is mature yet casual and sporty.
Make ups and hairstyles are clean and simple.
But generally it shows the same trends as all the magazines! Maybe just in a more mature and clean way but also other trends!

Most famous materials, colours and prints are:
denim, dark denim, blue, stripes, resort prints, white, fruit prints, floral prints.
The biggest difference to latest Popteen or Egg issues are the stronger colours and that pastels aren't shown!

Most visible cuts and styles are:
bandanas/headbands, dungarees, boyfriend trousers, 90s accessories (e.g. shell earrings), pencil skirts, midi skirts, off-shoulder and open-shoulder tops, denim jackets, blousons, white skinny trousers, sneakers, loafers, pointed shoes.

I was curious about the magazine because it's the new magazine of ex-Eggmodel Nemoyayo (Yayoi Nemoto) and another former Eggmodel Romihi (Hiromi Hosoi) is also S Cawaii model.

Romihi (Hiromi) has changed so much since she left Egg in 2011! Look at her hair history. She was so colourfull and bold.

Nemoyayos (Yayoi Nemoto) new hair. She hast just left Egg last February.It's always so fascinating how hair and style can change people so drastic.

 As nearly all of my favourite magazines are discontinued I'm searching for new magazines that I like!

But "S Cawaii" won't be one of my new favourites...
it's quite nice but... a little boring and too mature and western oriented...
It's not just the fahion but also the photography and the whole layout... (I picked out the more interesting pages to show you... I didn't scan the very boring ones)
it's super clear and ordered.
I prefer it more colourful, wild and funny.
Are there any magazines out there for me????
I'm not only searching for Gal magazines...
But I cant't cope with "Kera"... it's too wild XD
but maybee "Zipper" is nice? And I wanna have a look into "Vivi" and "Edge Style" as well!

bye bye~ chu <3