Dec 30, 2012

Theme post: my favourite manga series

Hello everybody ^^

This is my third themepost for the GG-Glitter blog. its got nothing directly to do with gyaru but:
Theme: Your favourite manga/anime series!

If you ask me for my favourite manga series, it's kind of difficult to decide for me >.<°
I always sold the mangas that I didn't like that much... so I don't have so many at home but all that I own are my favourites^^°

I decided to present "Sugar Sugar Rune" (Sugar² Rune) to you. For me it seems that it's not that well known.

It's a shoujo manga series by Moyoco Anno and was published from 2004 to 2007 in Japan and was published 2006-2008 in Germany. Of course I own all 8 volumes in German^^°

The story is about two best friends, Chocolat Meilleure and Vanilla Mieux, who are young witches from the Magical World. They are chosen to compete in a contest to see who can collect the most hearts from human boys to become the new Queen of the magical world.
The hearts which they are collecting, are human emotions that materialize as jewel hearts in different colours.
Pink hearts mean sweet love, green hearts mean friendship, purple hearts mean lust, red hearts stand for deep love and so on...

The real trouble starts when Pierre, a cold and mysterious boy, begins to win Chocolat's heart and starts to use both her and Vanilla to his own use. Has he got to do with the other side of the magical kingdom? With the bad wizards called "Ogul"?
Are Chocola and Vanilla sitll able to concentrate on the contest? Are they able to be protective against their own feelings? Or do they even have to rescue the magical world?

some characters
The design and the story seem both typical shoujo.
But the story is more contentful and serious than you would expect! It's pretty mature in a way!
You really learn to love and feel with the characters. I always cry in the end whenever Im reading it Q____Q
The character design is exacly what I love *o* Fashionable, cute and lots of bishounen <3 The artwork is colourfull, with diamonds and pearls and so on ~haha

Actually I don't like typical shoujo mangas at all... But this one CAUGHT MY HEART ~haha

And of course there ist an anime series existing. But I can't recommend it!!! It's more magical girl like than the origional and kind of shallow.... 
If you are interested in the series please read the manga!!! The anime is kind of childish and the story is so much different!!!

I only like the 2nd ending theme!

bye bye <3 chu and have a nice New Year's Eve ^o^ Happy new year!!!


Komachi said...

Ich find Manga-Empfehlungen immer interessant, kannte auch diese Serie noch nicht und werde mal reinschauen ^^

Lau said...

cool XD ich kann's wirklich empfehlen^o^