Jun 17, 2013

Bloglovin, shopping and new nails

Hello everybody ^^

First of all: 
THANK YOU FOR 100 FOLLOWERS <3 (103 right now)
I'm cho happy!!!!
I promise to prepare a giveaway ^o^

Second: I created a Bloglovin account!
Now you can follow me via bloglovin if you want^^
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Third: I just wanna show you latest things I did, wore and bought XD
This post just starts with the weekend before last!

my outfit

I met Kiki. We didn't see each other for a long time... So we just went to Coffee Fellows for a drink and went shopping a little.

eye make up without lenses...
At H&M I tried some garments. And I didn't expect that ...but I liked them all so much that I had to buy them ^^°

This flared top with black chiffon bow and shoulder part. It was on sale.

This nude summer maxi dress.
And this jersay zebra maxi dress.
It's these 3 pieces.
Kiki and me ^^
This photo is for Kiki ^^° She's addidted to Gachapin and Mukku... And these green and red monsters look alike ~ haha
The weekend after, I went to my sister Katja. I needed a new nail design!

my outfit: skirt: Liz Lisa; blouse: H&M; bag: PRIMARK
I decided for sparkling neon colours.

this is how the colours look in UV-light
 That's the base but one weeklater at home I decided to add zebra and leopard pattern with simple nail polish and to add 3D bows^^

currrent look
bye bye ~ chu <3


Rukipe said...

Wieder so tolle Outfits! <3
Deine Nägel sind wahnsinnig toll geworden! :O <3

Miya Skellington said...

Deine Nägel sehen echt Hammer aus *__*

Und herzlichen Glückwunsch zu den 100 (103) Followern!!! Freut mich echt für dich! Ich hab die 100 auch erst kürzlich geknackt und freu mir immernoch nen Keks. XD Und jetzt sind es 110 und ich tüftle immernoch am Giveaway. >__<

Kirschu said...

Und du sagst immer du kannst kein NailArt XDD Dabei sind die Tigerstreifen und das Leomuster doch echt toll geworden *o*

Lau said...

danke dankeeee <3

Lau said...

@Miya Skellington Xd
dankeee~ jaaa sowas erfreut doch das blogger-herz XD
ich plane schon das giveaway... hab noch nicht alles beisammen!

Lau said...

jaaaaaaa.... aber nur dank deinem Tip mit dem alten eyeliner-pinsel XXDDD
hat suuuuuuper geklappt ^^
<3 <3 <3

Ruki said...

Yaay, wieder was tolles ^^
Ich mag dein Nagel-Design voll *o*
Und mit dem Zebra design sieht das richtig gut aus :3
Und Glückwunsch zu 103 Follower :3