Jun 6, 2013

London 3rd day - Wednesday (Harry Potter Studio Tour/ Platform 9 3/4/ Photo Sticker Club)

Hello everybody ^^

The third day of my London journey was completely characterized by Harry Potter ^o^
So Kirschu, her mom, Michi and me started to our personal Harry Potter tour.

my outfit ^^
We started very authentic at King's Cross!

But we couldn't find the real platform 9 3/4 ....so we missed the Hogwarts Express .... XP

Kirschu and me at Plaform 9
We just found this ^o^
But we had to hurry for our real train to the Harry Potter studios. It's a little bit out-of-town. After this, we took a special bus to the studios!

Michi and me in the bus
Here we are! The making of Harry Potter  - Warner Bros. Studio Tour
You have to book the tour before you go there. We booked already from Germany for this day. Time 12 o'clock! We were a little early but it was ok. We could enter!

the entrance hall
During the studio tour you get to see sooooo many original costumes, props, scenes, sceneries, designs, creatures, masks, models and many things more of all 8 Harry Potter movies.
It's amazing *o*. It's dreamland for every fan of the books and films! And I'm a huge fan!!!

cupboard under the stairs from movie 1
so amazing to be in the "Great Hall" *o*
sitting at one of the "house tables"
beautiful costumes from Harry, Hermione, Krum and Cho - Christmal ball/prom
costumes of Luna Lovegood and Gilderoy Lockhard
Kirschu and me in the "Mirror of Erised" - without any wishes shown in~ haha
door of "Chamber of Secrets"
Umbridge's office in the Ministry of Magic
Dolores Umbridge's costumes
Deatheater's costumes: Narzissa, Draco and Lucius Malfoy, Voldemort, Bellatrix Lestrange...
different view
 There are soooo many great things in this hall. I can't show you photoa of everything XD
In one corner of the hall you can fly on a broom or in the flying car of the Weaslys in front of green screen. You can get a complete video or a photo.

When I took the Hufflepuff coat we decided that I'm a Hufflepuff~ haha (Kirschu is Ravenclaw and Michi is Slytherin)
 Sooo much fun XD
The only sad thing was that the Butterbeer stall was closed Q_____Q  No Butterbeer nooooooooo-.-°
Outside ther were some more big sceneries!

me in Privet Drive.... don't want to be near the Dursleys^^°
The next area was full of masks and creatures. Some examples.

moving Mandarake
I loooove the Thestrals
Hungarian Horntail
baaaah~ skeleton of the Basilisk
Buckbeak is soo beautiful. My absolutely favorite creature!

The next area was the complete "Diagon Alley". I wanna go shopping there!!!!! XD

In front of "Madam Malkin's Robes for All Occasions" If I belong to the magical world, I would like to work there ^o^ (maybe I can do my internship there~ haha)
And finally we saw Hogwarts completely! You can't call it a miniature...'cause it's kind of huge!

Kirschu, Michi and me in front of Hogwarts
In the end we went into the giant merchandise shop.

plush Pygmy Puff ~ super cute <3
What I bought: my broom-photo and a charm of the Deathly Hollows
I use the charme as necklace ^^
After the tour we went back to King's Cross. Now we had time for Platform 9 3/4 ^o^

Kirschu our Ravenclaw girl
Me with Hufflepuff scarf - leaving for Hogwarts~ bye bye ^^
At King's Cross there is another Harry Potter fan shop.

I bought my photo and a ticket for Hogwarts Express ^o^

Hogwarts Express ticket~ haha
Afterwards we went to London Photo Sticker Club to make some purikura.
This time we decided for one of the selfmade mashines. Not a real purikura mashine but with soooo many for-and backgrounds and deco-stuff.... Hard work!!!
But the photo stickers turned out very nice ^^

Kirschu decorating
In the end of the day we were all so tired^^° So we just went eating something in a Thai restaurant next to our hotel. The food was damn good!!!

our prawn crackers
in the restaurant
Great end of a brilliand day!
For all fans of Harry Potter I can recommend the Studio Tour 100%!!

bye bye and thank you for reading and watching! Did really somebody read the post until the end? It's sooo long >.<° sorry
<3 chu ~


リカ said...

Ohhh the necklace is so cool!! *_*
The pictures are awesome, I have to go there someday too. ^_^
Unfortunately there are so many people and you can't go and sit everywhere you want. (⌒-⌒; )

Okay I need to go and watch Harry Potter now. lol

tine said...

du weißt schon das ich jetzt neidisch bin xDDDD...
gott ich LIEBE den bilder spam

Rukipe said...

Wow! Ich will da auch mal hin! OMG *^* Tolle Erinnerungen hast du da geknipst :D

Miya Skellington said...

Amazing!! ^^
Ich will da unbedingt auch mal hin *__*

Jenny ♥ said...

wowowowowowowow T____T ich will da so gerne hin!! Ich bin mega neidisch XD
Ihr saht alle toll aus und wundertoller Post!!!

Lau said...

yeaaaa~ just loooove the necklace <3
me too XD until I came back from London I wanna watch the movies^^° I didn't manage until now... -.-°
thank you for comment <3

Lau said...

joaaaa sorrüüüüüü -.-° aber ich musste doch einfach die vielen tollen bilder zeigen >.<
danke für den Kommentar ^o^

Lau said...

wenn du mal London und Umgebung bist, dann nutze die Chance ^^ es lohnt sich <3
thanxx for comment <3

Lau said...

@Miya Skellington
<3 mach das ^o^ ich fand's klasse ^^ es lont sich XD
danke für den comment ^^

Lau said...

dankeeeeeee <3 <3 <3
jaaa sorry wegen neidisch und so XD
kann ich ja verstehen XP
danke für den comment <3