Jun 22, 2013

GG-Glitter circle meet-up

Hello Gals ^^

The 4th official GG-Glitter meet-up took place last Saturday.
I was really looking forward to this.
We planned to go to "Seelife" and we planned a sleepover. But due to poor attendance (like always...) we didn't put any of these plans into action....

I wore a sweet gyaru coord.
Skirt: Liz Lisa; blouse: Spinnes; flower headband: Primark; socks: Primark; shoes: H&M (just added the ribbons)

I used these lashes for my eye make up (Jewerish No.2 -upper; Dollywink No.6 -bottom)

At 2pm we met up at Neo Tokyo.

But I soon realized that we were just a really smal group of girls. Actually our circle has 17 members.... ok. some never show up... But we were just 7 and Tama had to go working so she couldn't come with us...
6 people... poor jubilee meet-up... Q_____Q

with Tama... before she had to leave...

At Neo Tokyo we all stocked up with magazines ^o^

I bought Popteen and Soul Sister....
... and Egg - with a d.i.a. case ^o^
the logo is barely noticible...
...but I like the lining <3
Neo Tokyo just started a coorporation with "Nigi". Now they are selling onigiri from "Nigi".
You can choose between 8 different flavours. I ust tryed japanese omelette. Suuuper yummie!!!

The onigiri saleswoman was so kind to take group photos of us ^^

from left to right: me, Kiki, Goof, Tine, Thanan, Tama, Senja
 Thanan had no time to dress up and do styling and stuff... she directly came from work! So don't be confused about Thanan not looking gyaru like.....

We had a seat at a café next to Neo Tokyo to discuss how to go on and we made a lot of jokes about our giant jubilee meet-up~ haha

hava a look at our giant group *o*
just kidding XXDDD
myself  XD
smartphone time -.-°....
 But we had soooo much fun neverthelss. We decided to skip plans and visit the new opened Forever 21 store. It's the first branch of Forever 21 in Germany.
So we took the subway to "Zoologischer Garten".

cute Goof and Senja^^ ~wow Senjas haistyle is amazing!!!
Great minds think alike! Kiki got the same idea to take photos~ haha
The "Forever 21" store is located at "Kurfürstendamm". Prime location and streched on 4 floors!!!

the importand bag for comfy shopping XD (at first we were too stupid to find them XD)

The store is really nice! The style is quite similar to H&M or Gina Tricot... and the prices are similar, too.  But I especiallyl like the huge accessory department!
We all bought lots of accessories ^o^

flower girls <3

Here are my gets: ^o^
blackXwhite striped jumper
gold cross earing + chain for the upper part of the ear
silver heartshaped medallion necklace
A little break for refreshing make up^^

Street Groove ~ we took outfit shots ^^

Finally we were hungry and thirsty. We went to Friedrichstraße and took a seat in a cocktail bar called "Oase".

another friend of us (Kura) also came with us
first round ^o^ (my "Swimming Pool" is not as blue as I expected it to be o.O)
obligatory food spam XD this time: omelette and salat
We were talking and laughting and discussing Harry Potter, STAR WARS, The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit XD wow~ best Gyaru topics XXDDD
We were watching our magazines:

We all together boought Eggs, Agehas, Soul Sisters, Popteen and Men's Spider.
In the late evening Goof and Senja had to say goodbye to return to Cottbus.
The rest stayed! Kiki, Thanan and Tine were sharing a hookah/shisha.

...I don't like this -.-°
At short before midnight we split up and went home. NO sleepover -.-°
But although non of our planns succeeded it was a super nice day!!!!!

I had so much fun with the GG-Glitter girls I hope the next meet up will be soon <3 <3 <3
bye bye ~ chu <3


mistymysterious said...

Liebe für dein Outfit! <3

Mit den Blumen im Haar hättest du gestern wunderbar zum Mitsommerfest am Hackeschen Markt gepasst. ;)

Schade, dass ihr so wenig Leute wart, aber umso besser wenn ihr dennoch viel Spaß hattet. (Das Café-Foto ist echt gut! Haha)

Ich bin nächste Woche wieder bei Forever 21 - eine Freundin kommt mich aus Hamburg besuchen und dann mal schauen, was wir alles schickes mitgehen lassen. <3

Jenny ♥ said...

Wow, ihr saht alle mega mega toll aus, auch wenn es doof ist, dass ihr nur so wenige gewesen seid..

Lau said...

@ mistymisterious
danke für das Kompliment^^
jaaaa Blumenmädchen^^
ja...es sagen immer anfangs so viele zu und irgendwie kann am Ende dann leider kaum noch einer...
viel Spaß bei Forever 21^^ mir hat der Laden gut gefallen^^

Lau said...

jaaaa.... aber es war trotzdem toll <3