Jun 4, 2013

London 2nd day - Tuesday (Oxford Street, Photo Sticker Club- Purikura, China Town, Buckingham Palace, Westminter)

Hello everybody ^o^

First of all: thank you sooo much for so many new followers ^^ If I get 100 followers I promise to prepare a giveaway for you!!!!! ~haha (I always wanted to do this >.<)

But let's continue with my London trip! (lots of photos~haha)
Michi and I had a nice breakfast (included in the hotel reservation) and started our tour around 9.30am.

My outfit was a little more mature and onee-gyaru inspired than usual.
first time wearing the hat...I'm not fully convinced but it was a try^^
added the bow <3
eye make
We wanted to visit some typical London (tourist) spots and started at Hyde Park Corner to walk along the Oxford street. A wide shopping road.

 The first shop that caught our attention was the Disney Store <3

me and Iron Man in the window ~ haha
Donald Duck Queen's guard~ so british <3
in "Finding Nemo"'s underwaterworld
like a princess *o*
I like this Disney Store! Not as great as the one in Shibuya but better than the one in Paris when I visited it.

In Oxford street there are soooo many shops worth a visit . E.g. Forever 21, Primark, H&M, River Island, New Look, Zara, Bershka, Uniqlo, Urban Outfitters, Topshop, lots of tourist shops and so many more.

Michi and me in front of...guess what? H&M XD
 I was impressed by the enormous size of Topshop store *o* The first floor was "just" accessories.

I found (and bought) this baby at Topshop <3 headband with spikes and daisies *o*
After walking along the Oxford Street until Tottenham Court Road we went to London's China Town.
We wanted to do Purikura there.

You can make Purikura in London's "Photo Sticker Club"
But we were little to early. It just openes at 2pm. So we went eating something in a Corean/Japanese restaurant and afterwards strolled through the shops of China Town.

Michi had Tofu Teriyaki and I had Gyoza and rice ^^
the doors of China Town and Michi
The bakeries and sweets shops were a paradise for Michi ...
... and I found my beloved milktea *o* I like the Japanese one form Kirin more but this Chinese one was quite similar^^
 When it was time we went to London "Photo Sticker Club" again. It's located on the second floor of this shop.

walls full of photo stickers
There are three working photo sticker booths. One of them ist a real Japanese Purikura mashine. The other two are similar but home-made ^^ one with plain backgrounds and one for decoration stuff^^

yeeeha~ we found the purikura mashine <3
Michi and I chose the real purikura photo booth. You get help from a really nice girl. She explains everything to you and does the settings if you are not able to use the mashine on your own. She also sends you the photos via mail if you want.
You get the puris with real sparkles and glitter on *o* A typical feature of older mashines. It has also a bench and a monkey bar to hang from ^^  So it's maybe from around 2005 or a little older??? Just what I guess...

I don't know what happened to the orange puri ^^° maybe we forgot to decorate it or the decoration disappeard....

waiting to get the puris~ how comfortable
After this we went to Picadilly Circus and Buckingham Palace. Everything accessible on foot.

Picadilly Circus
Queen's Guard next to Buckingham Palace
Buckingham Palace
After a short break in a huge park next to the palace we went to Big Ben Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey and saw the Thames.

We went back to our home station Hammersmith with a bus. And then continued shopping in the PRIMARK next to our hotel.
Here ist what I bought:

a seethrough bag, striped leggings, floral socks and another floral headband (all PRIMARK) ~ I had to grap the chance to go shopping at a nearby and tidy Primark~ haha
In a nearby Poundshop I bought cheap nail decoration stuff (one pound each item XD)
In the evening our friend Kirschu and her mom arrived in London, too. They were staying at the same hotel. For the next day we planned to do our Harry Potter Studio Tour.
If you are fan of Harry Potter you shouln't miss out the next post <3

bye bye ~ chu <3


Jenny ♥ said...

I won't miss the next post *_* <3

you look amazing in this outfit and the puris are lovely!

リカ said...

*huge harry potter fan*

I love the old puri machines, with all the glitter and stamps, the new ones are more "natural" but huge eyes ~_~

Thank you for sharing! (^^)

Ruki said...

OMG Disney *__*
Ich liebe Disney voll :)

Mir wurde mal erzählt, dass London die größte Japan-Kultur in Europa ist?! Sieht schon mal sehr toll aus

Und ich will auch einen leeren Primark haben >.<
War vor kurzem im Dortmunder Primark und der war sooooo überfüllt (an einem Samstag)
Das ist meist soo schlimm, schlimmer wie in Frankfurt >.<

Bin schon gespannt auf die Harry Potter-Tour :3
*auch ein Potter-Fan ist* hihi :3

mistymysterious said...

Tolles Outfit, generell schöner Bericht und... Puris! *__*
Wie ich die Teile hier doch vermisse (lach).
Hab's bisher leider noch nicht nach London geschafft, aber das werde ich mir definitiv vormerken. Also toitoitoi, dass es den Automaten dann noch gibt, wenn ich mal da bin. ;)

Lau said...

thank you ^^ <3

Lau said...

yeah~ you are right, the focus of the new mashines is definitely beauty and changing face and body proprotions. Funny decoration and glitter aren't so popular anymore...
thank you for commenting <3

Lau said...

Also so viel japanisches gibt es in London gar nicht....viel asiatisches generell schon ^^ aber speziell japanisches muss man schon suchen...
jaaaaaa ein leerer Primark!!!! Das musste ich ausnutzen XD alles andere ist Folter in nem überfüllten Primark^^°
danke für den comment^^

Lau said...

danke dankeeeee <3
ja es fehlen einfach Puri Maschinen in Deutschland... Purikura Maschinen braucht das Land XD
London ist ne Reise wehrt! Und ich denke, dass es den Photo Sticker Club noch ne Weile geben wird XD Das ist ja ne richtige Location^^ (aber man weiß ja nie ^^° toitoitoi!!!)
dankeee <3