Jun 8, 2013

London 4th day - Thursday - Sherlock Holms Museum/ Camden Town/ Photo Sticker Club - Purikua/ Tower Bridge/ London Eye

Hello everbody ^^

Thusday was the last complete day in London. And we had a lot of plans for the day.
We started at Sherlock Holmes Museum. 

my outfit
  It's located at world's famous adress 221B Baker Street which is the fictional adress of Sherlock Holmes' flat.

Michi at station Baker Street

I have to admit, that I'm not interested in Sherlock Holmes at all.... I've never read a book nor seen a Sherlock Holmes movie or series....
But Michi and Kirshu and her mom were interested. So why not ^^°

haha~ busy Michi in the Sherlock Holmes shop
We had to wait a long time in row... finally we could enter!!!
The interiour was really nice. Completely furnished and arranged like a middle-class house from the late 19th century.

outfit shot in Sherlock Holmes' mirror XD
trying out Mrs. Hudson's (the housekeeper's) hat
A true fan of Sherlock Holmes might notice every little detail in the house and might love the re-enactment of some of his cases... but for me it was just a nice historicaly furnished house ^^°

The next quarter we wanted to discover was Camden Town. I love it soooo much!! Best area for cheap and/or freaky, special and extraordinary shopping tours!

There are different located parts of shopping adventure in Camden. The main street, Camden Marked, Camden Lock, The Horse Tunnel Marked and a lot more marked-alike streets.

the main street with crazy houses

At Camden Lock there is a river and a very small harbour and again something like a marked place! There are almost fahion stalls! Differemt styles and different prices. So many lovely things!

the lion statue at Camden Lock- Michi, Kirschu and me^^
I was just overwhelmed by the immense mass of garments... seems like Kischu was, too. ~ haha
It stared raining and so we searched for a restaurant.

We chose this fish and chips restaurant in the style of the 50's.
the children's menu was dedinitely enough for us ^^
Horse Tunnel market
Everywhere there were giant horse statues. This part of Camden Town is more for antiquities and vintge clothing. We had not enough time for all the different shopping parts.

many many shops in many many alleys...

Even a large Cyber store!
We continued shopping and I bought some items.

"Boy" cap from a tourist shop, leather/lace/zipper leggings from a crazy shop called "punkyfish" and a warm animal print, plush coat from a stall at Camden Lock.

me wearing the coat^^
 We noticed that in London cupcakes are so hip and trendy. You get them everywhere! So we had a short break at a cupcake shop.

my mini marshmellow cupcake <3

Afterwards we went to Chinatown again to take Purikura^^
We were already well known at  London Photo Sticker Club ~ haha ~ This time we took the real purikura mashine again!

I prepared with circle lenses and took off my pullover^^ Here you can see the Liz Lisa salopette better!!!
Kirschu and me at decorating <3

Here are the results:

There are Purikura and photo stickers everywhere! I Really liked this one with the two manbas! <3

Finally we said bye bye to the Photo Sticker Club and went to another tourist spot: The Tower and the Tower Bridge. I don't want to bore you ... so just one photo of the Tower Bridge^^°

The brigde looks super unique.... but it's.... well..... a brigde... nothing to talk about^^° So we hurryed up and went to "London Eye". It's a giant ferris wheel and you get a view over London!

inside London Eye

The sky changed drasticly between light and dark and cloudy. Looks like world's end...

looks frightening...^^°
Big Ben and Houses of Parliament with Michis sparkle function <3
sparkling Big Ben again
What a day. We did so many different things.... I was suuuper exhausted.
Back in our hotel Michi and I had to pack our suitcases for the next day's departure in the early evening!

bye bye 
have a nice weekend <3


Kuri said...

Das hört sich nach ganz viel Spaß an (*-*) Ich freu mich für dich <3 Komm gut nach Hause!

Sam Murakami said...

Ich war letzten Herbst auch in London und finds da zum Shoppen gehen und bisschen Sightseeing echt toll :D Scheinbar hattet ihr ja ganz gutes Wetter... und die fluffy Leopardenjacke gefaellt mir auch gut ^^
Liebe Grüße!

Miya Skellington said...

Sherlock Holmes museum looks damn amazing!!! I really want to visit this place too!
You bought amazing stuff. *__*

Ruki said...

Haha, zum shoppen ist London wohl sehr gut :D

Das Sherlock-Museum sieht auch sehr interessant aus, auch, wenn mich SH überhaupt nicht flasht x3

Und die Puris sind sooo toll geworden, jetzt will ich auch >.<
Vor allem will ich nach London, auch, wenns nur 5 Tage sind :D

Aber super Bericht.... Und die Leopardenjacke ist voll knuffig *-*

Honey Tan @ ihearthoneytan.com said...

I didn't even know they had a Sherlock Holmes museum. Learn something new everyday!

Lau said...

jaaa, war sehr schön....
ager ich bin SEHR SCHLECHT nach hause gekommen!!! Story folgt!!!

Lau said...

@Sam Murakami
ja London ist echt nicht schlecht ^^
Wtter hat sich zwar gehalten aber eswar arschkalt!
Hab den ganzen Urlaub über nur gefrohren!! -.- Deshalb die Leo-Jacke ^^°

Lau said...

@Miya Skellington
I'm not a fan of Sherlock Holmes but I liked the place nevertheless!

Lau said...

jaa ich liebe die Puris <3 danke^^

Lau said...

@Hones Tan
Now you know^^ If you are a fan of Sherlock Holmes , it might be great to visit ^^

mistymysterious said...

Wow... das klingt alles in allem nach einem echt tollen Trip! <3
Harry Potter und Sherlock Holmes würden mich auch so interessieren und ich glaube ich merke mir mal Camden Town vor. ^__^~
Das bestärkt mich nur noch mehr, es mal alsbald nach London zu schaffen! (lach)
Tolle Berichte und tolle Fotos.
Bin immer noch über die Fotoecke da in London erstaunt! ;D