Jun 13, 2013

London last day - Friday + extra day and the "flight" desaster

Friday should be our last day in London.
It was cold and rainy...but I had my new leopard jacket ^^ So I immediatley tried it out.

Our flight should be in the late afternoon. So we had time to do something in London.


We started like always at our "home"station Hammersmith.

We went to Notting Hill. It's a nice area with the Portobello Market and the colourful houses. But it was raining... so were all not very motivated to take photos.....^^°

Along the Portobello Road there are a lot of tiny shops with antiques, household appliances and bits and bobs....you know...things that nowbody actually needs ^^°

the streets of Notting Hill

This is a fahion store filled to the brim with old sewing mashines! wow~
In a small store I just bought this summer dress for 5 £.

Here you can see fabric and pattern in detail.

 That day we also went to Primark again. I bought this high-low top.

It was just 3 £ and I like the cut! So I had to buy it ^^
In the afternoon Michi and I picked our luggage at our hotel and went to the airport.

I changed shoes!
In the Picadilly Line train to London Heathrow (airport).
We wanted to be back in Germany in Friday evening to pick up another friend (Kiki) to be prepared for next days Japan-Day in Düsseldorf!
But British Airways has upset our plan......................................................

From then on the desaster started!
We waited for hours at the terminal and finally our flight was cancelld due to no cabin crew...o.O? Seriously??? 
No, later on we heard that not only our flight but 160 other flights were cancelled because of a emergency landing of a plane with burning engine.

But the problem was that it was not possible to give us alternative flights until Monday or Tuesday (it was Friday!!!) and not possible to give us hotel rooms.
Due to the Champions League (soccer) final all flights and hotels were booked out.
We didn't get any precise informations exept that it's not their problem. 
British Airways couldn't do anything for us and didn't care at all!

The complete airport was a mess and crowded with people arriving for the soccer match or being helpless because of cancelled flights. We hardly could get our luggage back. A complete horror scenario!!!

We just could go back to our former hotel and sleep in the room of our friend Kirschu and her mom. Lucky us, that we still had this opportunity! There were lots of peple sleeping at the airport...

Next morning we checked all ways to get out of Great Britain. Via ferry, via plane, via car, via bus, via train. All those transports for the weekend were super expensive or booked out. We were hopeless....... in the end we had to book a (first class) ticket for the Eurostar train to Brussels for about 300 £ each .... in Saturday evening. (Michis mom would catch us in Brussels via car and bring us to Gladbeck/Essen)

So we missed the Japan-Day in Düsseldorf and lost a lot of money... We stayed near the train station, were we would depart in the evening. St. Pancras International (close to King's Cross)

station St.Pancras International looks damn awesome!
"relaxing" in front of the British Library
Well it was a wasted day!... But the first class train service was great!!! The only good thing about the desaster.... We got a complete super delicious meal and snacks and drinks! A 100 times better then plane food.

in the train
I didn't want to bore you with this dreadful story... but now you know why I could not come to the Japan-Day.
Hope you all will never experience a situation like this!!!

But appart from the departure desaster, London was worth a journey! I liked it a lot ^o^
bye bye ~ chu<3


Miya Skellington said...

Oh je... da hattet ihr ja richtig Pech mit dem Rückflug. Und dass die nichtmal das Geld erstattet haben, finde ich wirklich total krass. Ich meine, das war ja nicht eure Schuld. X__X

Anonymous said...

Glaubst du kannst du möglichst bald ein Outfit mit dem neuen high-low top zaubern? Ich hab auch so eines und habe leider absolut keine Ahnung mit was ich es am besten kombinieren könnte ><

テレザ said...

Wow wirklich schöne Bilder, ich würde auch gern mal nach London^^ Du sahst echt süß aus :3

Kuri said...

Tolle Bilder, tolle Outfits.
Schöne Trip!

Ich habe vor einiger Zeit auch ein Paket von Liz Lisa erhalten.
Total süß!

Ein neues deutsches Gyaru-Forum.
Für Hilfe & Austausch!



lg Kuri