Jun 3, 2013

London first day - Monday

Hello everybody ^^

Monday (after the Dokomi weekend) Michi and I started our small trip to London.
Her dad brought us to Düsseldorf airport.

my outfit
Michi and me at Düsseldorf airport
The flight was quick and relaxed. I asked Michi Japanese vocaulary and we were watching my Popteen mag. So nothing special happened! Lucky us! (the "flight" back was a disaster but that's another story...)

Michi watching the tube map. First photo in London, sitting in the tube (Picadilly Line) from heathrow (airport) to Hammersmith (our hotel location)
Michi in front of our hotel in London Hammersmith
We found our hotel quickly and I really like the location. All over the place there are those typical small London houses. And in and around the station there are a lot of shops. We even found a Primark in our neightbourhood! The Primark was not crowded and tidy!!! ~wow ~ haha

our small hotel room
street around the corner
We saw a lot of pupils in school uniforms and when we found those typical red callboxes we finally felt and recognized that we are in London~ haha

in the evening we had a giant pizza ^^
So we spend the first day exploring our neightbourhood and decided to go to bed early to be ready to start the next day refreshed early in the morning^^

bye bye~ chu <3


Honey Tan said...

Cute outfit. The pizza looks good. What kind of pizza was

Honey Tan said...

What kind of pizza was it is what I meant lol

リカ said...

Your outfit is amazing. (≧∇≦)♡

Lau said...

@honey Tan
haha~ yeah pizza was good and giant (I shared one with my friend XD) it was Fungi XD with mushrooms^^

Lau said...

thank you ^^° just kind of casual and sportive for the flight ^^

Miya Skellington said...

really love your outfit~ it looks very cool!