Aug 27, 2013

Meeting Fuyu and friends/ Purikura

Hello everybody ^^
I'm really busy sewing cosplays right now.... but now in the evening I found some time to blog about the weekend before last.

My friend Fuyu had no time to come to Berlin to last weekend's GG-Glitter meet-up. But she knew this and came the weekend before to Berlin. So I met her and some other friends from GG-Glitter.

my styling
I was wearing one of my new d.i.a. tops ^^ 
And I decided to straighten my hair. But I really don't like me with straight hair at the moment....

I didn't have these two queues the whole day. Just at the beginning. So my hair didn't rumple from the beginning!

colourful summery make up inspired by Egg model Yun

I met Fuyu around 12.30 am and we went to the J-store.

she was wearing a very cute Ma*rs set ^o^
At the J-store we were waiting for Tama and Thanan who wanted to join us for doing Purikura ^o^.

Fuyu (proud of our puris XD) Thanan and Thama ^^
our small gg-glitter group <3
since "my purikura" is insid the J-store I've been there really often^^°...
We were relaxing a little outside the J-store.
But the J-store doesn't sell japanese magazines. So we went to Neo Tokyo afterwards because Fuyu wanted to buy some.(didn't take photos there...)

We said goodbye to Tama and met Kiki to go eating something.
We went to "Good Morning Vietnam" next to the Neo Tokyo.
Fuyu and Kiki
We were chatting a lot. It was funny as always ^^ Love you girls ^o^
Thanan and me
camwhoring XP
Actually we wanted to visit Hani at her workplace.... but the trainsituation was awful as always in Berlin.... transit traffic via train... no thanks! So we just went to Dunkin Donuts instead.

Kiki and Fuyu on the Alexanderplatz (funny perspective XD)
one last outfit shot
the back of my d.i.a. top
In the evening Thanan had to go working and Kiki and I brought Fuyu to the train that would bring her back to Magdeburg.

waiting for Fuyus train
That's it ^^ it was a really nice day with really nice weather! Hope the summer will stay a little longer!!!
bye bye ~ chu <3


Abbie said...

I love your outfit and your makeup! Colorful make is the best!

Victoria said...

Ahw super süßer Post! Danke dir auch <3
Hab mich gefreut euch mal wieder zu treffen *__* <3 <3 <3
&ja hab den Post geschrieben an dem Sa, wo ihr das Meet hattet Q3Q" Also abends, als ich zurück kam. Aber war so awesome & dein Outfit sah so toll aus! Und dir steht das Make-up btw tausend mal besser als Yun *hust* Ich bin ned so der Yun-fan XD
& ich finde trzd, dass glatte Haare dir auch total stehen! Zumindest zu D.I.A Outfits. Für Partys würde ich die auch passend finden ^_^/b

Alles Liebe <33
Bis zum nächsten Mal! *huggz*

Soukkuma -Soubi Hayoka said...

Amazing outfit <3. That top suits you so good :3.
I love the makeup <3. It`s really nice and looks good on you ! ^^

Catherine ❤ said...

Aww you look so gorgeous! :D Love the outfit and makeup ^^